The only competitor preventing NewJeans’ new song ‘OMG’ from reaching #1 on Melon

OMG was released as the title song

Ditto, a pre-release b-side song is preventing OMG from reaching #1

The song has surpassed 540,000 listeners

1. I prefer Ditto. I love music videos. I wonder why it’s not the title song

2. I love Ditto. It’s perfect for the winter mood

3. OMG is the best

4. Ditto is much better

5. I like OMG too

6. I like OMG, but I like Ditto’s music video

7. Ditto is better to listen to, OMG seems to be for the stage

8. Ditto is my favorite song out of all the songs I’ve been listening to lately ㅠㅠㅠ

9. Ditto is better

10. OMG is good, but Ditto is a bit better

11. I prefer Ditto over OMG. The chart doesn’t seem to lie..

12. OMG is good, but it would have been more interesting if it came out in spring or summer

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Ditto > OMG


They have no competition because the house is empty. There are no good releases so it’s the only thing people can play. But OMG it’s actually bad and New Jeans are so overrated. Their “sound” is something that has always been heard abroad. Nothing New for us. BTS, or Blackpink if they are superior, but New Jeans no.

get a life please

like you said, abroad, not in korea. that’s probably why koreans like their songs because they bring something ‘new and fresh’ again among kpop groups there. and because they don’t really sound like kpop, it’s no wonder that many non-kpop fans like their songs too. why do anonymous users on the internet always called everything popular as overrated lol


For that very reason, New Jeans will never be successful abroad because their sound is too common and generic for us. But for you South Koreans you think you are the creator of a new sound when abroad and in America we are fed up with that sound. 😂

Lazy Banana

We have been living on this planet for around three milleniums and you think there’s a sound out there that’s still original? Ijbol.


Get over it yellow, South Koreans are very dumb and have bad taste in music. They live under a stone.


but South Koreans are so impressed with the sound of New Jeans, or the sound of Antifragile by Le Sserafim when Rosalia has had that sound in America for 6 years. But the internet and good music don’t reach the South Korean island on time. Hahaha LOL. 😂

Lazy Banana

You’re just butthurt cause people listen to their songs while you spend your time being a loser online lmao


OMG is their weakest song. I actually worry if OMG gonna be their future sound because its feel generic n feel more like b-side. Ditto much better n catchier despite its more chill song.


BTS hadn’t done this.💀

Lazy Banana

And Newjeans haven’t done even 1% of BTS’ achievements so what now?


BTS debuted 10 years ago 😭 NJ did it 5 months after their debut. Don’t worry, they have lots of upcoming comeback ahead of them. I can see them breaking both BP and BTS’ records in Sokor, and globally.😅 Lots of US Armys are hyping up and supporting this GG, they might chart in BB HOT TOO

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