The outfits that IVE will wear on M Countdown today

The outfits that IVE will wear on M Countdown today

Tracksuit + ponytail & norigae

1. They stand out in the MV and I’m curious how they look on stage

2. These clothes are really trendy these days

3. Those outfits are so cute… I thought they looked the best when I watched the MV

4. I really like this outfit. The combination of ponytail and Polo shirt is crazy

5. Honestly, it seems like IVE are currently going their own way in K-pop

6. Liz’s skirt is too short which makes me uncomfortable

7. They look so pretty in the music video, these outfits are so stylish and cute

8. Wow, these are the outfits I want to see the most ㅠㅠㅠ

9. I like these outfits in the MV so I’m looking forward to it!!!! Even that norigae is good

10. They are so beautiful in the MV

11. Those outfits are so cute

12. Leeseo’s outfit really suits her and caught my attention the first time I watched the MV

13. These outfits receive the best response from fans

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