The part of (G)I-DLE’s new song that is currently causing controversy because it is too revealing

(G)I-DLE’s new song part that is currently a hot topic abroad

It seems like the responses are good

1. It doesn’t look pretty and it’s embarrassing…

2. When I watch the MV, I see the other members’ outfits too..;; I wonder what’s different from the small and medium sized female idols who were recently criticized for wearing bikinis in the MV;;

3. The responses are good??

4. Seriously, it looks like underwear and isn’t even a swimsuit..

5. Where is the good response?

6. Isn’t it just a swimsuit since it’s a summer concept?

7. Hmm…but it’s not really sexy at all…

8. Hul I was shocked

9. The outfits for this comeback are all too revealing and not beautiful

10. I was surprised

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