The part that made me stop listening to IVE ‘Kitsch’

The chorus sounds like chanting, but it’s fine with me

I couldn’t stand the rap part and stopped listening to the song…

The lyrics are even silly

[+443, -182]

1. [+107, -7] But Rei stands out in this MV. The rap part is not good but she suits the concept so wellㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The pink hair’s charm is amazing

2. [+101, -2] I wonder if they necessarily added rap to the song. IVE chooses songs so well, but it would be better if the song only had singing. Their songs are all hit songs and all have good results so there’s nothing to regret, but it would be better if they removed the rap and just sang

3. [+89, -5] The lyrics are a bit bad, right? But considering it’s a pre-release song, I think it’s a good song, it’s already #1 on Melon Top 100, IVE fighting

4. [+87, -0] This is a b-side song so it can’t be compared with the title song, the title song will be released in April anyway. The quality of the b-side song is so good for a medium company

5. [+74, -0] I think the rap lyrics are a bit bad… But overall, I think the song is good

6. [+35, -0] The lyrics are a bit silly to me too, but the melody is good. And it’s a pre-release song anyway

7. [+26, -11] The strength of IVE’s songs is the good lyrics, but the lyrics this time are so childish and I feel like they’re in middle school

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Ladyboy lisa

Shit song, knetz really eat everything from this group 😂


More like kakao rigging melon


They are 1 on bugs genie flo vibe youtube spotify tho.🤣


Oh you are mad


You are talking about shit songs when you stan the autotune king jimin?

Kpop Boomer

I don’t think the song is terrible, but it’s not very good either, lol

But yea, I don’t get how this got a RAK. They have some really strong gp recognition and/or someone’s pulling strings behind the scenes, lol


talk about pigmin’s songs


better than jimin tho, that’s why his song struggling to stay on top 10


I really don’t like rei
She’s so ugly and annoying looking


kakao is amazing pulling those buzzer, also i cant believe such a lame song could get into 1st?


Yes ended jimin thats why yall are mad?


i cant stand this group beside yujin, all looks like overly exagerated expression that fkin cringe to watch. kakao working so hard to media play and rigging them left and right


Kako my ass they are 1 everywhere iam sure ypu are hybe stan cause yall share the same cell




Eww nj payola queens?


nj can’t even go a day without trying to use their seniors’ name


“The song is bad but they look pretty” kpoppies are all the same


People keep defending kitsch by saying its a b-side but ggs are putting out TT-wrothy bsides these days. Starship was confident enough to release Kitsch as a pre-release but its not the love dive they think it is.

Starship usually has a good ear for gg songs so Kitsch is especially bad.


Kakao really working hard

crack corn

well some fandom here feels threatened lol

It’s a good song, the rest of you losers can suck it lol

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