The photos of BTS Jungkook in their new album make me wonder why they don’t use them as concept photos

((((The concept photos are good too)))))

No but

Why are these photos only used as album covers????????

I’ll pretend I don’t know, so please use them as concept photos….

He’s good at acting in the new MV too

1. Let’s make the stage with this concept, it’s already legendary

2. Wow Jungkook is so f*cking handsome

3. BTS Jungkook is seriously handsome and cool

4. I really like that sexy atmosphere

5. Every time I see Jungkook, it’s amazing how handsome, pretty, cute, and innocent on his face are mixed so much

6. I watched the music video and he was amazing

7. He looks so handsome in the music video ㅠㅠㅠ

8. It’s a bit easy to understand because the concept photo suits the album’s purpose better

9. Jungkook is the joy in my life these days..

10. Those precious photos are the ones you pay to see

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