The pictures that show BTS V’s height in real life

There were people who were curious about his height after he revealed his weight on Instagram, so I posted it

He’s 179

1. He’s taller than I thought

2. V is so cute that I forgot about it, but he’s bigger than I thought, he’s so cool

3. V really has it all

4. V is so handsome, everything from his face to his toes is really handsome

5. He looks like 175, 176, but he’s bigger than I thoughtㅋㅋㅋ

6. I’ve seen V in real life, he’s tall

7. Wow, these pictures really make my heart flutter

8. He’s tall, handsome and his voice is good

9. In fact, he’s bigger and taller than I thought

10. If he’s 179, isn’t he tall among celebrities?

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