The post talks about why Jungkook is so popular in BTS and says that Jin or V would be more popular

But why is Jungkook so famous in BTS?

Jungkook is also handsome but I think Jin or V will be more popular

1. Jungkook always does his job well

2. Aren’t the three of them Jungkook, V and Jimin all equally famous?

3. Jungkook possesses a sexy and dynamic image in the US

4. Their popularity seems similar

5. Didn’t he achieve the highest results in Korea and abroad?

6. He is the best in BTS

7. I wonder if OP is a fan or not

8. No, what is this? Are you a fan or not?

9. The answer will come when you watch Jungkook’s stage

10. Even though this was revealed through music albums and various indicators after Jungkook’s solo debut, you guys still deny Jungkook’s popularity. Do you think this will work?

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