The power of NewJeans? More than half of Android phone users in their 10s and 20s switch to iPhone

About 9 out of 10 smartphone users in their 10s and 20s in South Korea bought an Android phone like Samsung as their first smartphone. But now more than half of them have switched to iPhone

Apple highlights the performance of the iPhone camera by shooting music videos and short films with the iPhone, along with girl group NewJeans and director Park Chan Wook

1. Are they blaming NewJeans now? I’m also using an iPhone

2. What do you talking about? It’s just because people like iPhone. Leave NewJeans alone

3. The title of the article is ridiculous as if I switched to an Apple phone because of NewJeans

4. I hope that NewJeans will advertise for Samsung

5. ??? Even before NewJeans debuted, iPhone was popular

6. Even before NewJeans debuted, all teenagers used iPhone

7. I used an iPhone 14 Pro even before NewJeans promoted it

8. I also used an iPhone when I was younger, but now I use the Galaxy to record calls. I can go back to iPhone when I have a life where I don’t need to record calls

9. I used iPhone and switched to Galaxy, and I want to switch to iPhone after seeing that ad

10. What does this have to do with NewJeans?

11.Leave NewJeans alone

12. Doesn’t this reporter hate NewJeans?

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