“The prettiest member in NMIXX in my opinion”

The prettiest member in NMIXX in my opinion


1. Me too.. I agree

2. Wow, I only know Sullyoon, but this member is also so pretty,,, Jiwoo! I need to remember her name

3. Her nose is so pretty

4. I also think Jiwoo is the prettiest

5. Jiwoo is so pretty!! She’s good at rapping, singing and dancing

6. For me, Jiwoo is the prettiest!! I think she will get even prettier when she grows up….. His personality is also so cute

7. So pretty, like a combination of Han So Hee and Lee Seyoung

8. She looks like Han So Hee, so cute

9. When she smiles, she looks a bit like Han So Hee

10. Jiwoo has been so pretty since her debutㅠㅠ She performs live well and is so cute

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