The pride battle between SM and HYBE… RIIZE vs TWS?

The pride battle between SM and HYBE… RIIZE vs TWS?

RIIZE and TWS are rivals and representatives of the next generation boy group. This is also a direct competition between SM Entertainment and HYBE, two giants in the idol group market

1. Isn’t the difference in popularity fourfold?

2. I already knew it was HYBE’s media play

3. Please leave RIIZE alone ㅠ

4. I really wonder if these two groups are on the same level ㅜㅜ Why is HYBE like that?

5. I know TWS because they’re on Melon ^^.. but I don’t know any of the members’ namesㅋㅋㅋㅋ RIIZE is a group that even my mother knows.. Look at You Quiz.. Yoon Sang’s son’s groupㅋㅋㅋ What were you really thinking when you put these two groups together?

6. Who is TWS?

7. HYBE always publishes articles comparing celebrities

8. Aespa, and now RIIZE?

9. TWS’s new album is coming out soon? It’s funny how articles like this keep appearing

10. Looks like the next target is RIIZE

11. I’m a muggle, but I prefer RIIZE. I don’t even know who the members of TWS are. I know 4 members of RIIZE: Anton, Wonbin, Sungchan, Sohee

12. This is HYBE’s way of showing that they are inferior to SM

13. Who is TWS? This is my first time hearing about them

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