The problem of ITZY ‘CAKE’ that the producers and choreographers think

1. There’s a reason why they’re not doing well, only JYP doesn’t know

2. I like the song so I keep listening to it

3. Looking at the comments here, even though it’s the same song, someone says their songs are always the same, and someone says they’ve lost their styleㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. I feel like JYP has lost their minds. The ITZY members have good skills and I think they could have gotten better, but it’s a pity that they keep letting everyone down

5. Where did the JYP who once dominated the music charts go?

6. The song is so bad… I feel like JYP doesn’t care about ITZY. I feel sorry for the members

7. Anyway, they’re so popular overseas and their tours are sold out

8. JYP has no sincerity

9. I really like this song, and the choreography is good too

10. Sometimes when I see them on stage, they seem like a group with good skills

11. However, I feel that ITZY’s identity is slowly disappearing

12. I think ITZY has the best skills and visuals, but please do well on branding

13. ITZY is a group that can dance and sing well, but the company seems to be bad at branding the group

14. Among female idols, they seem to be the best dancers, but they don’t seem to show off their charms

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