The rankings of the songs that were released at 1 pm (Charlie Puth – Jungkook, Nayeon, Aespa)


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1. I like the song by Charlie Puth – Jungkook, the song is good and Charlie Puth is popular in Korea, so I think we will see it on the charts for a long time

2. Aespa’s ranking is below expectations… If they perform on stage, their ranking will go up

3. I like Nayeon’s song

4. Personally, I don’t like the teaser for Nayeon’s song, but the full version is good

5. Out of these three songs, I think Aespa’s song is the best…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. Nayeon’s song is below expectations and Charlie Puth – Jungkook’s song is so good

7. Charlie Puth – Jungkook and Aespa songs are pop style songs, so that’s my favorite

8. I love Nayeon’s song, it’s perfect for summer

9. I like Aespa’s song, it’s like a pop song. I’m looking forward to their album

10. I think Nayeon’s song will go up, but I’m not sure about Aespa

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Nayeon a song is having an extremely fast rise 😭 and she just hit 100k sales before her first day has ended she doing so well


out of three, it’s jungkook and charlie’s song that stands out for me. simple but very refreshing. it will definitely do well on charts around the world


Nayeon’s song entered top 50 on melon top 100. Life is too short entered top 100 on melon

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Sm needs to buy bots for aesplastic


I feel like if promoted properly nayeon can easily achieve top10 on melon with Pop. The album is pretty and suits her and from what I’ve seen so far the reactions are mostly positive.

I really liked Life’s Too Short. It was fun and catchy but I do feel like if SM was going to release an english single before the album they should’ve released this at the beginning of June/late May and promoted it well. The song has potential but with Girls coming out in 2 weeks it’ll get buried and forgotten. This also could’ve been their first song to chart on global charts IF promoted and invested well.

And as much as I love Jungkook I have this feeling that Left and Right wouldn’t have longevity atleast musicality wise …. It feels like a typical Charlie Puth radio/tiktok song with obviously good playlisting and over the top marketing tactics but doesn’t utilise Jungkook’s vocals and charm to its full extend. It feels like it could’ve been sung by anyone BUT I do think it’s just a normal feel good song which puts you in a good mood and that’s more than fine. It’ll probably do well on the BB charts and I love that for Jungkook !!!

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That charlie puth song is just a common song. If it wasnt because of collab with popular boi it will flop so hard


why does it say register to comment at the top, pannkpop admin just bring pack disqus don’t change the comment section to something else again…

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