The reactions of foreign K-pop fans when they found out that MAMA was held today

Lineup for those who don’t know..

1. There are many groups, but about half of them are Japanese groups

2. The lineup is not good, there are too many Japanese groups;

3. I also found out when I saw this post

4. I didn’t even know they would do it today because they don’t do it in Korea

5. I don’t know why NewJeans didn’t attend?

6. The most popular among them is probably Park Bo Gum, the award presenter

7. Looking at the lineup, we can see that the only group that deserves the award is Seventeen

8. Aren’t NewJeans and Jungkook Daesang singers? They’re not attending, so who’s watching?

9. Wow the lineup is so bad

10. The moment Jungkook and NewJeans weren’t here, I lost interest

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