The reason why Ahn Yujin’s fansign clip is fake news

“Ahn Yujin’s home master’s greatest achievement. You criticized a young kid at every event for not looking at you until you received an apology and was given eye contact. How does it feel?”

1. Looking at the account of the person who posted the video, they aren’t really worried for Yujin, but is just a crazy person attacking the home master

2. I thought there was audio… What’s up with making up allegations by lip reading?

3. I like the other members, so I sometimes meet that home master, but I remember that home master treated Yujin so well

4. Daebak, why did you do this?

5. Yujin is so pretty

6. I thought she was in the same situation as Sullyoon.. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding..

7. What? This was made up by lip reading? Wow… Were they trying to cancel the fan?

8. I posted a comment asking why fansigns are like this these days, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding

9. They seem like a crazy person acting like a virtual bully… Why are they so pitiful?

10. I was worried after seeing Yujin saying sorry for no reason

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