The reason why artists often renew their contracts with SM

What do you think is the reason why artists often renew their contracts with SM?

I don’t know because I’m not a fan… but do they treat their artists well?

1. Artists keep releasing albums. First of all, SM is a company that is more serious about music than anyone else

2. For actors or singers, SM is the biggest corporation so there’s no need to go anywhere else

3. Honestly, it’s a big company in the entertainment industry, so they don’t need to go anywhere else

4. They keep releasing albums whether they do well or not?

5. SM supports singers doing what they want to do, so they renew their contracts

6. There seems to be no reason to leave SM unless you move into acting.. If you left SM, where would you go?

7. There’s no reason to leave SM, it’s a big company and a good company for artists

8. They can do whatever they want to do as solo artists… That’s why they renewed their contract

9. SM allows artists to do what they want with high quality

10. SM treats their artists well

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mmm SM is good at handling their artist in groups in terms of music career or also the members’ solos. Taking RV as an example, almost all members have their own solo debut now , they are also do pretty well as a group . Same goes with EXO


Because if they dont , they may never appear on the TV again. Furthermore, SM dont let them practice In making their own music, so without the company and its power as the biggest company in Kpop , in the polictical connect at least, they wont make money like when they were in SM.


I dont like any of their artists because i feel like they are all overhyped, but truthfully speaking, they are the most stable company in the industry, not even hybe can match them in term of long term survivality tbh

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