The reason why Crush said that he got goosebumps when he saw BTS J-Hope dancing

BTS J-Hope’s ‘Rush Hour’ dance practice video

Crush “J-Hope memorized the choreography in 30 minutes, I got goosebumps”

1. Jung Hoseok is so cool

2. Wow, I just don’t have anything else to say other than he’s so good… He looks like a professional dancer

3. He has good skills and his personality is good too

4. Seriously, he’s the best dancer. But Crush dances well too

5. J-Hope is the best dancer among idols. He’s just like a dancer. Please do a lot of videos or dance challenges

6. Hoseok’s legs are like wings

7. No, how does he move his body like that?

8. Wow I got goosebumps

9. But J-Hope dances really well, and he looks so happy when he dances

10. Wow, J-Hope is so good at dancing, I didn’t know that Crush danced well too

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Shimmy ching

Wow amazing. Dancing is his turf, you can see he’s happy…

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