The reason why it’s awkward when BLACKPINK Jennie is Hera’s model

The reason why it’s awkward when Jennie is Hera’s model

The Hera in me is still like this

I was stuck with this image when I was young

Jennie suits Hera, but it’s still awkward;

1. Who is that? At first I thought Hera-Jennie looked awkward, but it’s been a few years and now she suits Hera so well

2. Anyway, Hera reminds me of the brand for people in their 30s and up…

3. After Jennie became a model, Hera’s image seems to have changed

4. Previously it was like luxury cosmetics for mothers, but now it is like luxury cosmetics for young people

5. Hera = Jun Ji Hyun

6. After Jennie became a model for Hera, Hera’s image became youthful, and sales increased greatly. For me, now Hera = Jennie

7. When it comes to Hera, I think of Jun Ji Hyun

8. This is the first time I know that Jennie is the model for Hera

9. Hera’s name is engraved with Lee Hye Sang, and the model’s name is cool too

10. When I think of Hera, that person comes to my mind the most

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UglyWh0r3 😂


Jobless mofos

Not ur typa girl

Jealous mofo


blink work so hard dominating comment like real hardcore both on theqoo and pann nate

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no not at all. antis are trying to do that and you guys are being great at it yass


For young people obviously is Hera Is Jennie 😎💅

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