The reason why IVE’s foreign fans are angry with their stylist

Gaeul’s heels are too big… It’s too hard to walk…

1. Wow, but it’s dangerous… Isn’t safety the most important thing?

2. What if she gets injured?

3. I was afraid she would fall while walking

4. What do they get from sponsorship like this? I really don’t want to buy it

5. But I really don’t understand this kind of sponsorship

6. It’s not the stylist’s fault

7. Crazy, it’s too big and looks dangerous

8. Even if it’s sponsored, the size difference is too big… I thought she would fall and get injured..

9. Why do they sponsor without knowing the artist’s foot size?

10. If she gets injured, who will be responsible?

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yeah it’s not the journalist’s fault but like why couldn’t they stuff some tissues or papers in it , she looked like she had a hard time trying to walk , if she trip , she could sprain her ankle and she might not be able to perform for some of these upcoming award shows



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