The reason why netizens are saying that GD got back with Jennie and V escaped

GD liked a shipping video of him and Jennieㅋㅋ

I just went and confirmed itㅋ
He liked the videoㅋ The video was only uploaded 17 hours agoㅋㅋ

[+288, -30]

1. [+254, -40] Seriously, why is GD like that?

2. [+197, -53] Seriously, I really feel sorry for Jennie. GD should quit SNS a bitㅋㅋㅋ Because of GD, Jennie is being accused of cheating

3. [+101, -61] I think Jennie’s fans are even funnierㅋㅋ They call her pitiful all the timeㅋㅋ

4. [+86, -11] GD always doesn’t care about his ex-girlfriends

5. [+56, -76] So he’s back with Jennie???? V escaped???

6. [+49, -4] Don’t be obsessed with Jennie anymore. This ugly, crazy old man!

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Lol either hes obsessed with her or they never broke up


He is obsessed with her he even like iu and a wedding edit of daragon on ig two days ago


they haven’t dated lol dude admits liking getting dating rumors in an interview he just likes people speculating about his dating life


Why would he decorate his bag with Jennie’s nickname? They obviously did


Please free Taehyung from this mess


honestly it’s getting really tiring. he can’t catch a break from some of those unhinged blinks.
first, it’s the delusional shippers trying to say he went to jeju while jisoo was there, then the pic of the alleged dating rumor with jennie, then the celine show with lisa. they absolutely love seeing their faves with taehyung. i could see them doing this with jungkook too. most blinks i see on twitter and IG love token stanning tae or JK while hating on the rest of the group.


i can’t edit, but to add on my post.
vips been having a weird hate obsession with tae since 2015 and they love using JK to say “Bts are fans of BB” when it’s been years since the last time they mentioned them.


I’ve always said I’ll support the BTS members when they date but a side note was “please let it not be with any black pink member”. That fandom is trash and the BTS member will not escape without blinks and BTS antis from other fandoms jumping on them for every little thing.

Free Jk and Tae from shippers


Notice how he can easily get away with this? And I’m also blaming these clickbait videos on sns and the people who made unnecessary wattpad stories when nothing has been confirmed about v and jennie’s relationship. Leave them alone.


Free jennie !


It seems like they are back together good for them now free Taehyung from this mess 💀


They obviously never broke up. Jenitals need to accept the fact that their bias is dating a dog abuser. Stop trying to link V to her


Army also linked Jennie and sent her hate when she had done nothing with the hole following incident. But ig y’all js care abt taehyung- from Armyblink n my bias is Taehyung


Let’s not act like those where not trolls on Jennie’s instagram and other blinks that like to send hate to their own faves for a drop of sympathy or clout.


they never dated GD likes feeding shippers because that’s the only way to stay relevant


I read someone on Twitter say when it was announced that Jennie and GD were dating that they pity Jennie because GD can be obsessive and childish. Looks like it’s true. This animal abuser and criminal enabler keeps on liking shipping posts of him with other female idols like it’s seriously creepy. His stans are defending him over this like they weren’t hating on Tae when he just posted a photo of a freaking cloud and flowers. GD stans are the worst. All of his exes have been accused as cheaters and slùts by his fandom. Free Taehyung from all of this sht I beg.

Certified Loser

I saw a clip (it was a while ago, didnt see it until now) of GD saying he confessed to a girl twice and the 3rd time he confessed, she had a boyfriend but didn’t stop pursuing her. She then went to her house to give her flowers and stood in the rain for 5 hours only to then realise she gave him the wrong address. From when she said she had a boyfriend, he should’ve stopped. And the fact that she gave him a wrong address says a lot, he’s a bit weird it seems…


he needs to stop being an attention seeker and mislead people it’s weird how his fans defend him saying he likes trolling but this bring nothing but negative attention to female idols. Poor Jennie she will always be associated with him, if people think they dated I don’t know what to tell you lol he literallty admitted in an interview he likes having dating rumors it’s obvious he likes that kind of attention .



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