The reason why NMIXX can’t flop

= Sullyoon and Jinni, if they flop with these two faces… JYP will close their agency

[+214, -50]

1. [+88, -25] I think it’s one of the legendary face combinations of the 4th generation

2. [+71, -70] They flop already.. There are so many good girl groups these days, but who cares about NMIXX?

3. [+61, -11] I don’t think they’ll flop either, they’re good…

4. [+41, -5] Fact: ASTRO has Cha Eunwoo, but they flop

5. [+19, -8] They’re a group from a big agency anyway so they won’t flop. JYP has popular idol girl groups, they just need to get a good song for this comeback

6. [+13, -3] The two of them are seriously so pretty

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