The reason why NMIXX Sullyoon fans are angry

“JYP protect Sullyoon”

This hashtag is trending right now

An Indonesian hip-hop singer composed a song that s*xually harassed Sullyoon and released it digitally

Even the album cover is Sullyoon’s picture

1. If a foreign singer uses a company’s celebrity photos without permission and releases a song that s*xually harasses them, shouldn’t we take legal action?

2. Are you crazy?

3. Please sue that singer… What is this? Please protect artists

4. He didn’t only do this to Sullyoon.. What is the company doing?ㅠㅠ

5. Wow, even I, a non-fan, was angry, the fans would be sad and angry…

6. JYP, sue him

7. He seems to often get into fights with foreign singers and female idols

8. JYP let’s sue

9. Please protect your artists, JYP

10. Not only Sullyoon but also other female idols, please sue him

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