The reason why SM opposes HYBE’s hostile takeover (SMTOWN)

1. They said that ticket prices will increase after HYBE takes over SM… Didn’t SM raise ticket prices???

2. Why did they post this video on SMTOWN? If the company’s image is damaged in the battle for management rights, the singers will bear all the damage

3. They’ve already raised the ticket price, but now it’s time to blame HYBE? ㅋㅋ

4. I hope SM will be taken over by HYBE

5. Don’t they think about their artists? Why did they post this video on SMTOWN?

6. Usually, after a merger, the employees stay in their positions, but the executives are fired.. That’s why they keep posting videos

7. I’m not a fan of HYBE or SM idols, but I’m cheering for SM.. I hate being monopolized

8. I think HYBE will be better for K-pop to compete in the global music market, but fans’ thoughts may be different

9. I’m not a fan of SM, but I support SM as a person who loves K-Pop

10. Kakao is bigger than HYBE, but for K-pop, HYBE has a bigger presence, so I want Kakao to take over SM

11. SM fighting

12. They must be embarrassed that SM was taken over by HYBE.. He looks like a loser

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They keep using the words “hostile takeover” as if the way HYBE bought stocks is not how any liberal economy works


Yes and its still called as “hostile takeover” gurlie


just say you don’t understand how stock purchasing works and go


I guess, a Guest like you are just dumb. Hybe bought the shares fair and square. LSM offered his shares. Hybe bought it LEGALLY. There’s no “hostile takeover” which said by the loser like that CEO. LSM has rights to sell his shares. If he was corrupted, then all SM executives have supported his behaviours all this time.


They better destroy evils company like SM


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I’m not really a company stan but it’s really funny how they seem to blame and make hybe like a villain when in reality CL fckd his uncle up and run to kakao lmao lsm isn’t even better he’s also a fraud, hybe should just let them go it’s just a waste of money. 💀

Yoo yaho

I mean that too… Why does HYBE insist on buying Lee Soo man’s shares??? There must be something


because sm is profittable to invest in obviously and I think they probably want to touch on metaverse stuffs too


, i understand SM’s subsidiaries like c&c(contents and variety), dearu (bubble) and dreammaker(concert organizer/coordinator) but at this point SME the music department is just not worth it, the brand and image is way too damaged. SM is digging themselves a grave.


HYBE didn’t insist. LSM run to HYBE after his nephew betrayed him and he offered his shares to them.

dot com bubble

And now Chris Lee is acting up like a child. As expected from a nepo baby who can’t handle shit


i had whiplash thinking you meant CL as in CL


idk it’s kinda funny how the other executives in SM didn’t expect that LSM would sell his shares to Hybe like this the same man from a company that encouraged blacklisting on idols that trying to go against their company to protect themselves like he’s so petty and revengeful. And they kinda backstabbed him so idk why they expected him to just accept it and sit down.

I wish they book a meeting room next time or a zoom call with Hybe instead of trying to gain a reply from this side through media publicly.

The points that they talked are yeah pretty understandable, I respect them but idk why they’re comparing svt and txt’s vip ticket’s price to the general ticket price’s of SM groups.

Anyway I look forward to see Hybe’s reply tomorrow for these stuffs that SM said.


when did they say they will reply tomorrow?
i think they should just keep quiet until the injunction and see what is kakao’s next move. hybe already bought 14.9%. they’re having the advantage, nothing will change until kakao’s next move except sm’s desperate attempt to persuade other minority shareholders not to sell while clowning themselves and damaging the company’s reputation in the process.

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True yeah I agree they should just keep quiet but I actually wanted to say I look forward to see Hybe’s IR tomorrow and would be interesting to see if they’re going to reply to these stuffs SM said tomorrow but I can’t edit my sentence back when I realized I forgot to mention about IR.

pannkpop please bring back disqus back 😪


they should’ve just waited a few more years he is already 70, they can just deal with sht after he’s gone. now its all a mess


yeah tbh but I got a hunch that because I read that kakao got some investment money from Saudi and SM has been talking about Saudi frequently since last year too , this is too much to be called a coincidence , probably can’t wait to get those money to themselves hence why they planned a coup to get rid of lsm so the other executives can enjoy the investment that Kakao would put in their company probably by themselves. I guess this is also why they talked on creating nct saudi.

It’s hard to believe that they did all this for the sake of their artists’ wellbeings. The way they planned this were very in haste.


How is kakao taking over SM is better than HYBE ??


if they want to reach global market esp the western, hybe is a better option, but we all know they are more leaning to chinese so yeah they will choose kakao over everything

dot com bubble

I don’t get the logic either lmao. Kakao basically already has monopolized the messenger market in Korea so Koreans want them to attempt to monopolize another industry? Make it make sense Koreans 🤣


10. Kakao is bigger than HYBE, but for K-pop, HYBE has a bigger presence, so I want Kakao to take over

Hmmmmm 😒

So they want a more massive company to take over another industry besides the ones where they dominate already? I’m sorry but I’d want agencies which really focus on Kpop to dominate the industry, not Kakao which has already dominated others while plotting to dominate Kpop too.


kakao controls the internet infastructure and mass media in korea, don’t play dumb


Woww, hybe is really becoming giant ent company noww🥳
This ‘hostile takeover’ surely hurt their pride as kpop pioneer agency😂


Hybe greed know no ends


I agree, hybe is so greedy unlike kakao 🙁

Hybe already have big groups that currently still exist and instead disbanding those who can’t create profit for the company.

Unlike kakao that own kakaotalk, melon, kakaogames, kakao tv, kakaopay, kakao taxi, etc. And those doesn’t include entertainment companies that might be under kakao, or youtube channel or webtoon too. And the way kakao had disagreement with spotify causing 80% of korean singers erased from spotify.

Hybe is so greedy 🙁


it really is crazy how many artists were wiped from spotify for so long and it’s been forgiven and forgotten


LEWWWWSEEERSSSS. get used to hybe’s cock fucking you from behind, sm rats.


Oh yeah I like this, the more they open they mouth and make a fuss on yt, the more they’re gonna destroy themselves.


The idea that hybe will create a monopoly as if being taken over by kakao wouldn’t create an even worse monopoly for them is laughable. Atp just let kakao take over and have sm be ruined


Remember the kakao and spotify incident? When kpop artists were wiped out on spotify over melon plus the day when kakao’s data center was on fire and it affected many platforms like they can’t access their bank accounts, messages and transportations… Kakao is the real monopoly here 💀


Wow it’s so tacky to upload this on the smtown channel, sm execs really need to be ousted.

WhatsThe Point

Not kpop stans supporting kakao after they removed 80% discography of artists under kako after disagreement with Spotify. Like they really don’t care abt artists now seems like kpop stans also don’t care bat artists🤭


And hybe disband grpups so…

Hmmmmm 😒

Are you new to kpop because I’m pretty fucking sure Hybe isn’t the only kpop agency to disband a group… tf kinda argument is that 🤦


Yall acting as if they disbanded some hugely known group from a worldwide standing point when they literally didn’t 💀

Typical kpoppie behavior: yall don’t support these groups cause sTrEaMiNg AnD bUyInG iS nOt A jOb but then wanna act surprised when your groups are being disbanded for not being able to financially sustain their existence; let’s get real

SM disbanded and blacklisted SEVERAL groups and artists but I don’t see yall talking about it. Curious.


Meanwhile SM holds idols to their contracts without giving them comebacks and promotion… And literally bought up a label to destroy a competing bg to EXO, but kpop stans have the memory of goldfish.


I was going to say let them go now but sm keep trying to paint hybe as the devil make me want hybe to actually get them plsss now and shit on them. Expose all those people and let them be on fire


I want that in the first place but not because I want hybe to get rich or because I like hybe

I want that because I don’t like seeing conglomerate being happy 😅


sucks for these sm stans, it’s poetic justice when they took down tara now their company is taken over by hybe. haha big 3 no more you toxic stans

Hmmmmm 😒

That’s why sm stans hate the Hybe takeover, bc they keep excluding Hybe from their so-called big 3 and refuses to call it big 4… But then their favs company is so hopelessly getting swallowed by two more massive conglomerates lol.

dot com bubble

This is so unprofessional of SM tbh. Hold an emergency shareholder’s meeting ffs or just make a group chat and talk there. It’s so embarrassing that a Big 3 agency is running to social media to whine about being bought by their competitor like a goddamn teenager. But what can we expect when Chris Lee, an incompetent shady and unqualified nepo baby is spearheading all of this smh


10. Kakao is bigger than HYBE, but for K-pop, HYBE has a bigger presence, so I want Kakao to take over
Oh they spilling here.

Hmmmmm 😒

Spilling spoiled milk is what it is. Stupid of them to want Kakao to be more powerful than they already are. They are massive in the music streaming industry, basically a monopoly in the messenger industry so it’s totally fine if they are massive in the kpop industry too? Dumbass take.

These dum dum Pann girls really pretend to hate chaebols but they want a chaebol that’s already massive to take over another industry. Pathetic 14-yr olds.


The highest kpop sales belong to hybe groups, Melon top 10 9/10 groups and artists under hybe if that is not a monopoly then what is? Kakao massive in the kpop industry? Mmh kakao acquire small and mid size agencies and they doesn’t interfere with groups or rather dgaf even if some group doesn’t do well otherwise weeekly, victon would have disbanded and stayc would have had a better budget this comeback lol.
While hybe interferes and you know it.
I know this site is full from hybe stans but it is a fact that in the kpop department hybe is totally taking the reins.

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when you take bts out of the equations, the market share is actually quite equitable. it’s wild that you think that a company should limit the artists they promote bc they won the lottery once already.


SM are knowing for copycat slavery xenophobic and propaganda 🤣 only fool will fall for SM propaganda like they did in North Korea

meow meow

i’m not gonna act like i understand anything abt business and stocks but ik this is MESSY! sm is dramatic asf omg 😭😭 y’all couldn’t call for a meeting or smth handle this amongst yourselves


Fr, this is just embarrassing.

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