The reason why Winter is so popular in Japan

The reason why Winter is so popular in Japan

You can tell just by looking at her preview at Tokyo Dome this time

[+433, -94]

1. [+131, -14] This picture is enough to explain, her visuals are Japanese taste

2. [+94, -13] She’s elegant, but she has her own unique charm, so they like her. Japanese fans love the difference between Winter on stage and off stage

3. [+63, -17] Why is it called brainwashing?ㅋㅋ It’s true that Winter is so popular in Japan, why are you guys trying to deny it?? If she succeeds in Japan, she’ll wipe out the yen, but why aren’t you happy with it?ㅋㅋ

4. [+50, -20] Cute Fuyuko

5. [+32, -7] Winter is so cute and pretty

6. [+31, -8] Even to those who are not fans of Aespa, Winter’s visuals seem to suit the Japanese taste so well, but why are you guys trying to deny it?

7. [+27, -28] She is not popular in Japan. Can you show me Google Trends in Japan?

8. [+18, -9] F*cking pretty

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she looks cute and pretty at the same time😩


she’s not that popular

le sserafim and twice members are still more popular than her in terms of youtube and google search in japan


Why do you feel the need to say this? Not many people are coming close to Twice’s popularity in Japan. Twice has had plenty of years to promote in Japan in comparison to Aespa.

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