The scale of BTS Suga’s US tour

UBS ARENA, April 26-27 (2 shows)
17,500 seats

Prudential center, April 29 (1 show)
19,500 seats

Allstate arena, May 3, May 5-6 (3 shows)
18,500 seats

Kia forum, May 10-11; May 14 (3 shows)
17,505 seats

Oakland arena, May 16-17 (2 shows)
19,596 seats

1. Korea too… At least go to Gocheok….

2. So is it 14,000 people for both days in Korea?

3. I really think that concert halls in the US are also small… Big Hit is too conservative

4. In Korea it’s 7000 seats???????? Are you kidding me????

5. It’s the 360 degree stage, isn’t it? Please do it

6. No, why is only Korea so small?

7. Please change the venue in Korea

8. No, but I think he can hold concerts in bigger venues

9. Why is Big Hit so conservative?

10. Korea 7000 seats, why????????????????????

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good luck to those who will be going to his tour !


Wish me luck! I’m so nervous for the war


They probably are just not sure how many ppl would come. I mean if it’s bts concert they’ll surely fill up big venues but solo they can’t just pick a big venue and pray it’ll fill up? Like yes it could be they’re just not confident about it


i mean it makes sense to start arenas since it’s the first time as a solo artist but I do think bighit is going to change venues for Korea if there are demands in the ticketing


“Why is korea concert so small? ”
I dont know
Maybe bcuz yall rats dont support their solos projects


This!! They can’t even stream solo songs properly.


Gagged them again 😭


lmaoo say it louderrr


I really disappointed with solo project results in korea chart. And now they acted surprise to get small venue😒

WhatsThe Point

Bighit is not being conservative, they’re being careful. I’m sure once these tickets get sold out they’ll book more venues for him and bigger ones too probably


I hope so 🙏💜


I hope they will add some dates in Europe, Australia and South America and change the venues in Korea later…Bighit underestimated Yoongi’s demand in Korea. He is the first one to do solo and god knows when we’ll have this opportunity to hear his solo discography full of gems live again so people will absolutely go crazy with the ticketing. The fandom Army have been in pain since the cancellation of MOTS so they’re thirsty for another tour as well.


Concert venues so small. Yoongi can fill a lot more concert capacity. But i understand him. Before enlisting, he will both release an album and tour. I’m sure he will have a short time to rest, that’s why the number of countries is less 🤷🏻‍♀️


why these knets complaining about korea venues being small when they barely supported their solo releases so far. Cmiiw D2 did better internationally than Korea so they just got stages that reflect the data


D2 aren’t availabl eon any Korea streaming service and Korea don’t use spotify much

Lazy Banana

They are testing the waters first. I mean, j-hope sold 100k tickets to the Lollapallooza but a tour is a different animal so the venues will be smaller still. BUT OMG WE’RE GETTING SOLO TOURS!

Hi, I'm Guest

Me & my friends only open the TicketMaster website & nervous for no reason. The sales isn’t even open yet 😅


Let’s go Yoongi🔥 i can’t wait for April 26!


Maybe just maybe after this tour he can have an encore much more larger venues. This smaller venues aren’t enough for the fans.


Why complain about a small venue?
If the venue is smaller there is a bigger chance you will actually see him live and bot through screens on the stage.

Lazy Banana

I think it’s because there’s literally millions of ARMYs and you’re competing for only 7k seats. And some people don’t care about nosebleed seats if it means being in a concert of their favorite artist.


I will be there for yoongi!


How frustrating that none of these venues are near my location 😥

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