The singers most loved by Koreans right now

Gallup’s 5th Anniversary Singer Category

Most loved singer by Koreans: Lim Young Woong (10.3%)

People in their 10s to 30s prefer ‘IU

From March 22 to April 5, 2024, Gallup Korea asked 1,777 people aged 13 and older about their favorite singers, Lim Young Woong (10.3%), IU (9.0%), BTS (4.9%), Na Hoon Ah (4.0%), NewJeans (3.5%), Jang Yun Jung (3.4%), Jinsung (2.7%), Young Tak, Song Gain ( 2.4%) and BLACKPINK (2.2%) are in the top 10

1. Wow NewJeans is daebak

2. NewJeans and Lim Young Woong are daebak

3. There are many trot singers

4. Na Hoon Ah is seriously amazing

5. IU is daebak

6. Bangtan is amazing💜

7. IU is crazy

8. Kingtan, they ranked 3rd even while doing military service💜

9. Wow IU is crazy

10. Lim Young Woong’s popularity is crazy ㄷㄷ

11. Kingtan💜

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