The situation of billboards around the world on Jungkook’s birthday

New York, LA, San Francisco, US

13 cities in Russia

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia



Bangkok, Thailand


Budapest, Hungary

Hanoi, Vietnam

Tokyo, Japan

Sapporo Tower and Fukuoka Tower in Japan in purple

Peruvian fountain

It’s world class

1. Jungkook’s birthday is celebrated by fans all over the world

2. It’s a festival all over the world

3. Look at the scale

4. Jungkook’s birthday is so big

5. Jungkook’s birthday is a festival, the scale is on another level

6. This year Jungkook’s birthday is also a global festival

7. He must have been so happy thanks to ARMYs around the world!

8. Crazy… I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t know that today is Jungkook’s birthday

9. Wow the scale is amazing

10. Jungkook dominates electronic billboards around the world ㄷㄷㄷ

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