The situation of K-pop when HYBE acquires SM

Top 15 cumulative album sales in 2022

Top 20 boy group first week album sales of all time

Top 20 girl group first week album sales of all time


1. What’s fun without competition?

2. Monopoly is not good, but it’s ambiguous to say that Kakao is better than HYBE

3. I hate Kakao and I hate monopoly. But personally I think HYBE is better than Kakao

4. Only NCT ​​participated. Originally, all the top rankings were for HYBE idols

5. Stray Kids, who survived the war between HYBE and Kakao, they stand outㅋㅋㅋ

6. Aren’t only Aespa, Red Velvet, and NCT added?

7. Aren’t only male idols NCT and female idols Aespa added?

8. I don’t like HYBE or Kakao, but if HYBE takes over SM, won’t it become a monopoly?

9. I think HYBE is better than Kakao

10. Anyway, even now HYBE is overwhelming

11. HYBE has been doing well in Korea and seems to be competing with big labels overseas

12. Even without SM, HYBE is still #1 and takes over the domestic market

13. I really hate it… Lee Soo Man, it’s all because of you

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Hybe America is doing really good too
Hybe power is not only in Korea


what is hybe doing in America? So far i’ve only seen label acquisitions but nothing about music


That’s because the American music world isn’t dominated by discussions about executives


Knetz being honest “isn’t only NCT & aespa added”. With or without SM, the empire BTS built still dominates.


Let’s not forget that HYBE has also acquired U.S. labels as well. And then HYBE stans will continue to moan about how an IT company has a monopoly in the music entertainment market.

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Logic Thinker

Logically Kakao is more dangerous than Hybe. If Kakao buy more share in sm can be a signal for them that they can buy also other big 4 companies … and btw kakao being already a monopoly in Korea in another sector doesn’t mean they can’t try to be open to another market (they have 4 companies that are public on the market and they want more, this time with the Ent sector) they almost have the monopoly for te distribution of music in Korea and have the biggest music platform used In Korea MELON… idk you but I think it’s dangerous.

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Both are dangerous, dear hybe stan.
Hybe basically is monopolizing the kpop industry

+10 groups under hybe

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You’re speaking on hypotheticals. Just because Kakao is seeking to grow in another market doest mean that they intend to take over that market. The only one we’ve seen so far that has that intention and has acted on it multiple times is Hybe. And you don’t have to explain to me all the different businesses Kakao is involved in, I’m well aware. It’s just irrelevant in this case because this discussion is specifically about the entertainment market and people wrongfully labeling their moves to gain some stronger footing in it as a monopoly when it’s not.

You thinking “well it could be dangerous” simply because they happen to be big elsewhere doesn’t change that fact. It’s also freaking laughable how you speak as if acquiring the rest of the big 4 is a simple matter. If it was that easy Kakao would have made moves long ago. That this is even happening now with SM is already remarkable.

In any case, were the impossible to happen and JYP and YG were to find themselves in a position like SM, the most likely one to be first on the scene wouldn’t even be Kakao, but HYBE. With how hellbent they are on acquiring labels I wouldn’t be surprised if that Bang PD guy’s dream is to one day take over all the major entertainment labels in Korea and run some kind of super label. It wouldn’t be Kpop anymore, but HYBE-pop.

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I’m replying to my comment to point out that I forgot HYBE already has connections with YG through Weverse. Lmao. JYP is truly the only one left HYBE hasn’t tried to sink their fangs into yet. JYP fans look out. It may not be that way much longer. That HYBE fans are really trying to deny HYBE monopoly when it’s right in front of our faces and shift all blame to Kakao is seriously funny stuff.

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HYBE stans don’t really care much about the outcome of this acquisition because it will change nothing for us, HYBE would still dominate with or without SM. But we do enjoy SM stans crying in chaos with popcorn in hands and the fault wasn’t from outside but inside of sm. embarrassing.

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Already said this. You guys have a weird obsessive revenge fantasy playing out with SM, getting off to the idea of HYBE swallowing them up. You don’t have to explain something that was already blatant to see.


Hybe America works under a completly different system that Hybe Korea. They are not competing for the Korean market. And yes, hybe has a lot of groups under them, but that doesnt mean they are a monopoly, they dont control media or tv/radio stations like Kakao does, they dont have the ability to influence the public opinion like Kakao does, thats why people complain about them, not because they have a lot of companies, its because they can control the public’s opinion whenever they want to. Not so long ago an scandal involving Kakao and their not so fair media play was kinda of a big deal


It is a bigger issue of a monopoly when that IT company has its hands in broadcast and journalism, and advertising, and streaming platforms and digital distribution and consumption analytics and award shows and promotional platforms that all very directly affect the idol industry.



Lazy Banana

Lol knetz really hate Kakao so much for being buddies with Tencent aaand for already being super dominant in other industries of course.


Frankly, I don’t care what hybe does. Hybe destroyed the competitiveness thanks to bts. Because their company has BTS. BTS put hybe in a better position than big3 in a short time. As long as BTS is active, it will be hard to beat Hybe 👍


They should have stuck with BTS and TXT only and focus just in music like Bang Si-hyuk once said they would. This act of HYBE and Kakao is probably what will be the beginning of kpop’s fall, there is nothing good about monopoly!!


so whats wrong?
HYBE just give the karma back to all those dumbasses who mock Bang PD and BTS.
with full interest..

isn’t it lovely to see karma working beautifully.


The rage they have for Bang PD because he bet on BTS and it worked out well. 

Seungri Secret Secretary

YG need to step up… they need Seungri more than ever to manage their underground business


BTS ruined kpop.


*saved kpop

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