The songs that seem to be the hardest to cover among BTS songs

The songs that seem to be the hardest to cover among BTS songs by my standards

Black Swan

Blood Sweat & Tears


Not Today

1. Aren’t all BTS songs hard to cover?

2. For me it’s Boy With Luv… It’s hard to cover Jimin’s intro

3. I think it is hard to cover all BTS songs, but among them, there are three songs with strong choreography + three English songs

4. Only BTS can perform BTS songs well

5. Black Swan is really scary, no one can cover Black Swan

6. All BTS songs

7. It’s hard to cover BTS songs because the choreography is so intense

8. Seems like all BTS songs have a strong BTS identity

9. For me it’s Mic Drop

10. It’s Mic Drop because of the lyrics

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seungri is free

Haha songs, nice joke 😄 maybe autotuned noise shit by seven goblins u mean 🐷🐴💩💩💩💩💩


pannkpop can you please bring disqus back so I can block this person 😪


You are waaay too obsessed with a grp you claim to hate.


Go back to your kindergarten. And don’t break your mother’s rules 💀

You better focus on seungri and ask him to tell you the prison stories


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White cat

When u mom slap u to shut up right? They don’t live you even get some disgusting vibe when you are born. So pitiful ..


As expected from prostitutes leader seungri fan 🤣 Go save your oppa…but jail seems to be a good home for him


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ok seungri’s fan


Of course, it is difficult, or rather impossible, to replicate the charisma, passion, dancing and vocals of BTS. Besides their songs are based on the members’ personal struggles and experiences, how could any other group replicate that?


Based on personal struggles and experiences? It’s not that deep lol army is always good at making a sad and fake inspirational story


Luckily, not everyone is as boring and shallow as you.

White cat

They wrote their own lyrics and talk about themselves in most of their song. Getting butthurtt from that just make u look stupid.


What to expect when their favs probably don’t write their own lyrics like most kpop groups

White cat

Most kpop group have such ridiculous lyric . It’s comical to read. Especially sm song. 🤣


people are understimating how hard bts songs can be especially jimin’s vocals in their songs, kpop stans always make fun of his voice but it’s rare to find kpop singers that be able to do his parts justice


A tiktoker can do it. He even had a fanmeet 😂


Do you not know what “rare” means? And did you miss the part where OP only mentioned “kpop singers”?


I smell jealousy here… Lol 🤡


The only good covers i’ve seen are from soloist doing a sit down ver of the songs but i’ve never seen a group that have done a good job of covering the song and dance w/o it lacking in one department or the other.

WhatsThe Point

8. Seems like all BTS songs have a strong BTS identity

Exactly 🗣️ and the comment saying choreo is difficult, literally everything abt their songs is difficult to cover cuz the soul, the identity, the authenticity is hard to replicate

WhatsThe Point

We saw how kpop stans shat on boy with luv left and right talking how it’s too pop or too easy choreo but not one group was able to cover it properly.


Dynamite cause its full of autotune


I guess you spend most of your day on bts news because your flop group has no news 😂

It's whatever

imo songs like On and Mic drop are hard to cover because of the intense choreography

Besides, none can do JK’s high note in On bridge, just like none can cover Changmin high note on Mirotic


it’s hard to cover BTS songs because BTS just have a superior rap line and all of their vocal line have such unique voices. their title songs are made especially for them so it suits them like a glove.

Last edited 1 month ago by Colin

I remembered when in the Produce show they covered Fire and they really sound like kids during Taehyung’s part which is supposed to be all deep and growly 😭


Never seen an actual good cover for most of their songs. BTS have a distinct style and vocal color that when someone else does it…just feel flat. Also any song and jimin’s part comes on…no one can cover. Lie? Impossible


Any song will do. No one has been able to properly cover their songs for a reason.

Kpop stans can run their mouth all they want, but it won’t change the fact that BTS have outstanding vocals with the most unique, and distinctive vocal line.

Not even gonna start a conversation on rap lmao I believe everyone should know better 😭


I hope tae leaves this band. Very few ot7s actually support him. Rest are so openly jealous and hateful, just waiting for opportunity to slander him.
No wonder his solo fans are growing faster and faster

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seungri is free

yes tae nice guy, he must leave this stack of gremlins 🙂 let him and jenny get married and hope she doesn’t make him wash the dishes 🙂

Last edited 1 month ago by seungri is free

You can keep your girlie jennie. And what’s wrong with washing dishes? Have you never washed dishes before? Lol


I’m true ot7 and I can understand where your coming from. It’s hurts us too, to see he gets most hate from within the fandom than outside. But trust me, there are many true ot7s that love and adore our Taetae. The people that hate him are just jealous of him for obvious reasons. So don’t mind them

White cat

It’s up to him if he want to leave or not. He acknowledged army rather than solo cause he know most of them are a bunch of pathetic group of human using him to hate on his own friend. He know there genuine ot7 out there. Don’t worry.

meow meow

i’ve never seen a good bts cover i’ve seen good dance covers but full dancing and singing no

Cassiopeia AKTF

In YHY Sketchbook, stayc did a cover of mikrokosmos. IMO its quite good.


Sunghoon outdid the doers with his cover of Black Swan


me when i lie

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