The status of KPOP singers’ rankings on Billboard Hot 100 this week

BTS Jimin ‘Like Crazy’ ranked 52nd (3 consecutive weeks)

FIFTY FIFTY ‘Cupid’ ranked 60th (4 consecutive weeks)

BTS Suga ‘People Pt.2 (feat. IU)’ ranked 105th

1. Jimin-ah, congratulations on being on the chart for 3 weeks in a row

2. FIFTY FIFTY ‘Cupid’ is trending these days

3. Wow, Jimin is awesome, FIFTY FIFTY is awesome too

4. I really like the song of FIFTY FIFTY. I’m humming it without even realizing it

5. Jimin’s solo is a big hit

6. Congratulations to all Korean singers!

7. Jimin is really amazing, I didn’t know BTS solos would be this good

8. FIFTY FIFTY is amazingㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. Jimin and FIFTY FIFTY are amazing. IU and Suga’s song is also so good. I’m really looking forward to this album

10. I’m sorry for Suga, but he’ll do well with the title track

11. Suga’s ranking is much lower than I thought

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