The status of KPOP singers’ rankings on Billboard Hot 100 this week

BTS Jimin ‘Like Crazy’ ranked 52nd (3 consecutive weeks)

FIFTY FIFTY ‘Cupid’ ranked 60th (4 consecutive weeks)

BTS Suga ‘People Pt.2 (feat. IU)’ ranked 105th

1. Jimin-ah, congratulations on being on the chart for 3 weeks in a row

2. FIFTY FIFTY ‘Cupid’ is trending these days

3. Wow, Jimin is awesome, FIFTY FIFTY is awesome too

4. I really like the song of FIFTY FIFTY. I’m humming it without even realizing it

5. Jimin’s solo is a big hit

6. Congratulations to all Korean singers!

7. Jimin is really amazing, I didn’t know BTS solos would be this good

8. FIFTY FIFTY is amazingㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. Jimin and FIFTY FIFTY are amazing. IU and Suga’s song is also so good. I’m really looking forward to this album

10. I’m sorry for Suga, but he’ll do well with the title track

11. Suga’s ranking is much lower than I thought

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Suga what are you doing on the floor. So called biggest bg


Army are ot7 fandom and we will support all bts member – army

Color color stan

It’s a b side chill 🤭 yoongi already has an entry before, meanwhile i know for sure your fav has never entered the hot100 🤭


An excuse. Why yall can make jimin pre release debut at 30 but not for yoongi? Army are hypocrite


jimin’s song is a pop song . we are not reponsible for iu


suga’s song was a pre release song dummy. if he had 500 playlists like NJ he could’ve debuted n1 on hot 100 lol

Color color stan

Fifty fifty’s song is good, hope they’re not a one-hit wonder.


Obv one hit wonder. They are not in big comp and they are not a boy grp


The difference between organic and inorganic:
– Fifty Fifty rising every week, starting from off the chart completely ↗️
– Jimin dropping every week, starting from the top of the chart ↘️

That’s what happens when the chart allows people to buy their way onto it.


Difference is that one already has fans while another doesn’t.

It’s as if you wonder how come sales of an iPhone are going down with each day when it’s know superfans wait in lines to buy on release day.

Color color stan

So tell me twink, is there a song ever that never dropped from the hot100? you have a rock for a brain


the difference between them is bts stays relevant and successful forever because of an organic fandom but these one hit wonder nugus will struggle to release another big hit to please the public because they have no fandom to rely on. that’s the reality


are you dumb or pretending to be dumb?damn you are obsessed with bts! jimin is charting higher than them despite deleting 90% of his sales, deleting his streams, having 0 radio plays & 0 playlists unlike fifty who have a lot of playlists & radio plays 😂😂😂
if jimin had 0000000000.1% of their playlists and radio plays he could’ve been n1 this week too lmaoooo
anyone can see who is the organic one here


Buy ??? billboard deleted 90% of jimin’s sales lmao. That’s why he keeps falling. His success is organic since the industry is against him and everyone is threatened by him. & stop using 50/50 to hate bts. You don’t care about them or about their success


fifty are rising thanks to media play and playlists too. Thy are not organic or even close lol

It's whatever

I’m so ashamed for suga, it’s a pre single, so there were no distractions as a full album to chart but big fanbases were focusing solely on JM bc of their ego and this is the result, even knowing suga was hoping for a 70-80 debut


Hopefully, ppl will give the title track the proper attention it deserves. Considering how amazing the teaser looks, I’m already excited for it.

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