The story of Yeri joining Red Velvet was mentioned for the first time

The story of Yeri joining Red Velvet was mentioned for the first time

Joy explained that Yeri was initially set to debut in the next girl group, which had a completely different culture from theirs

Yeri, “When I was told I would join Red Velvet, I felt more loyalty to my friends. I didn’t want to debut if it meant leaving them behind. It wasn’t that I disliked the older members, but it felt like betraying my friends.”

1. She felt like she was betraying her friends ㅠㅠ But it’s sad that all the friends she practiced with back then didn’t debut…

2. Isn’t Aespa the next group after Red Velvet?

3. Yeri, “Even now I’m still close with those friends. We’ve been together since we were kids so we have a close relationship.”

4. When Aespa debuted, there were bad reactions. There are many fans who like Rookies

5. She must have gone through a difficult time when she was young

6. If you look at Yeri’s Instagram, it’s nice to see they’re still close friends

7. So only Yeri debuted by joining Red Velvet, but the trainees who were preparing to join the group with Yeri were not allowed to debut and left..?

8. I didn’t know about Red Velvet when they were a 4 member group

9. But why did Yeri join Red Velvet? Is there any reason? They let Yeri debut because they thought the next group would be delayed?

10. Who is the next group???

11. The age gap between Irene and Yeri is too big

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