The stylist accused a male idol of borrowing a lot of shoes but not returning them and then selling them

A stylist spotted shoes borrowed by a male idol being sold on Ebay. Out of 500 pairs of shoes, there are more than 300 pairs of this stylist

1. I’m really surprised that he’s an idol I never thought of

2. Who? Is he a beggar?

3. People are saying that he’s a top idol

4. Is he the leader of that famous group?;;;;

5. He must have a lot of money, but why?

6. I’ve seen hundreds of comments, but I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t know who he is

7. I don’t know who it is, but if you take something, pay for it, didn’t you learn that when you were a kid?

8. If he’s a top idol who is so popular, he has a lot of money, so why??

9. You can’t trust celebrities just by their looks

10. Isn’t he just a thief?

11. I can’t believe the image of a celebrity

12. This group is really a collection of all kinds of human trash?

13. “I have more than 500 pairs at home.” The person who shows up when you google this???

14. He’s a top idol, he has a lot of money, but why is he like that?

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huh … is it sehun ?


sm and suho already announced they will sue the stylist

It's whatever

so, is it true that it’s suho who they’re referring too


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It's whatever

so when I look for it on Google “I have more than 500 pairs at home.” Exo’s suho appears, what’s going on?


It’s suho they are talking about. If it’s true that’s fked up. The defmation laws a tricky and I feel for the stylist. The truth will come up cause 300 pair ?


The post was almost 200k views with sooo many comments. It was insanely trending and its now being taken down. I hope the truth comes to light 🙏


A reminder that in korea you can fet sued for defamation even if true.


I’m stumped. If it’s Suho, why???? EXO was on top of their game for a while and still is a big bg, like… Why????


#12 gets it

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