The subtitles of MBC ‘Hangout With You’ regarding the controversy about BTS and Seventeen have been edited

The subtitles of ‘Hangout With You’ have been edited


“The HYBE headquarters built up by SEVENTEEN”


“Even the members were in awe of the new building”

1. Why is this so weird? If I were a fan, I think I would be so sad

2. MBC made a mistake but why did the ending become a disaster for fans????

3. Crazy.. Even the public knows that BTS raises HYBE

4. I’m not a fan of BTS fan or Seventeen, but this is so unfair, right? Even for me, that subtitle is absurd, I think even Seventeen fans will admit that Seventeen did not build HYBE headquarters

5. Seventeen didn’t write the subtitles, so why are they being criticized and why are you guys terrorizing other accounts?

6. If you look at what MBC did to BTS, you will understand why it took fans several years to receive an apology

7. I’m a muggle, but wasn’t HYBE built by BTS? I looked it up and it seems correct

8. Isn’t HYBE built by BTS? (I’m not a fan)

9. Seriously, I’m not a fan of HYBE, but the subtitles are so funny

10. What a disaster. Seventeen and their fans were struck by lightning for unknown reasons

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