The timing of Lisa’s music release makes netizens wonder if she doesn’t care about her achievements

Lisa doesn’t care about her achievements…?

Why is music release time set at 9am in Korea and 8pm in the US????

Is that event music???

Will her results be good?

1. Isn’t it set to her country’s time?

-> Thailand????

-> Isn’t Thailand 2-3 hours slower than Korea?

2. I guess it’s because Korea isn’t the market she’s targeting

3. There is no celebrity who doesn’t care about their achievements

4. Lisa’s song has been released?

-> It will be released next Friday at 9am

5. I’ve never seen someone release an English song at 9am, I guess there must be a reason

6. Since this is an unclear time for both the Korean market and the US market, I guess she doesn’t care about the results

7. I guess she just did it because she wanted to without worrying about the results

8. I think so tooㅋㅋ Because it’s Lisa

9. I don’t think Lisa will be disappointed with her results in Korea, I don’t think she will pay much attention to it

10. She is not someone who would worry about the results

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