The video of Rosé talking with the fansite master at the airport is seriously amazing

It’s great that BLACKPINK can talk freely with fans like this at the airport

It’s Rosé’s fansite master but Jisoo and Jennie are like acquaintances

1. I wonder how much that fansite master spent on this?

2. I’ve met female idols, but they’re really different from male idols

3. It’s good to see such a healthy relationship between fans and idols

4. Most female idols have that kind of atmosphere, they’re not surrounded like male idols

5. Karina is like that too, but I guess all female idols are like that

6. Female idols always have such an atmosphere, but male idols don’t

7. I’m so jealous that Rosé seems so friendly when she says that our 7 years have passed

8. Seriously amazing and Rosé is so cute

9. Rosé’s reaction is so cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. BLACKPINK often talks with fansite masters. When Jisoo went to Paris this time, there were quite a few videos of her talking to her fansite master at the airport

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