“Their fandom must be huge” K-netizens are surprised by the first week album sales of TWS’s new album

TWS ‘If I’m S, Can You Be My N?’ first week album sales (end of day 2)

1. Wow, they sell so well

2. There are only 3 versions but they sell so well

3. Their fandom must be huge, there are only 3 versions but they sell so well

4. Their digital music is good, they sell albums well, the balance is crazy

5. I wonder how big their concert will be

6. Wow, it’s surprising that a 5th generation idol group achieved this result

7. They dance so well, and if you watch the dance videos, they seem to have practiced a lot

8. The song, concept, and members are all good, and I think they will do even better in the future

9. Their fandom must be huge

10. But I can’t believe the record of HYBE idols

11. They are so popular

12. Fans don’t do anything other than buy albums and the public only listens to music

13. It’s surprising that they sell so well with 3 versions

14. I love the song and keep listening to it!

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