There are more groups with all Korean members than expected






Red Velvet


Oh My Girl



and more

Nowadays, it seems like every group has at least one foreign member, but if you search, there are more groups with all Korean members than you think


2. The best thing is that the BTS members are all Korean

3. There are many Korean idols who are good at foreign languages ​​so I don’t know if foreign members are still as necessary as before

4. Aren’t all the EXO members Korean now??

5. SHINee

6. Apink

7. Groups with only Korean members are also popular

8. Hul Wendy, I thought she was Canadian!

9. I hate Southeast Asian idols these days, their fans are crazy

10. Honestly, I don’t like the Chinese members

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What is this some racist confessional 😭😭


It’s nationalism. Which is why that one comment mentioned Windy because even if an idol is ethnically Korean so long as they were born in a different country or had a another citizenship they’re not a Korean national

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Whats wrong being proud that group with all korean managed to be popular outside korea? Its a lie if you deny that foreign member is not part the reason of their group is popular in certain country lol


The proof is produce series…international fans will hype talentless foreign trainee while bringing down other talented korean trainee. Their reason is the korean one is too talented and boring af while foreign trainee is cute, funny, and hardworker lol


You think all Korean trainees are talented?
The most popular idols usually can’t sing. Wonyoung, Daniel, Somi all won and can’t sing to save their lives yet you are acting like international fans don’t see talented ones? LMAOOO
Lookism is the most insane thing there which is why kids starting from 10 and over get ps. Wonyoung got gead transplants before she turned 18 yet we choose the cutest ones? Lies and hypocrixy


So who is the talented foreign trainee that got selected too? Only the pretty foreign trainee is hyped by international fans. And yes. International act like they care abt talent when they are just same as korean..they care abt visual lol


Nothing wrong with that
The problem is how they manage to shut on foreign idols while making “proud” comments. Why are you being obtuse on purpose


Korean is well-known as racist country, but is there no one who educate them?


No one
They look down on SEA and call them all kinds of disgusting racist names but kpop would be NOTHING without SEA. All those records(views and sales) they brag about would be a small puddle without SEA(and China)and not the ocean.
Kpop is not global that everyone listens the way the world listens to American singers. It’s still a small genre and bts actually being popular everywhere was the only exception
Every other group is big thanks to SEA and China. Take them away and let’s see how they would prosper

Many Koreans are too cocky thinking kpop is that big when it’s not even bigger than other non american music genres and Bang Si Hyuk confirmed it.
They can worship white people and the west all they want but kpop will never be accepted and taken seriously there. Only inviting them for the ratings and numbers kpop fans bring(and majority is us, Asian kpop fans) while occasionally being racists to them(only then Koreans realize that racism is bad, but only when Koreans are the victims; they dgaf about others).

They will be humbled one way or another bc K-pop’s peak was bts


SEA countries are just same lol. Sea countries are obsessed with white skin, feel disgusted and scared with black people (they will called them ‘n*gro’), workship white people, called korean plastic, small dick, etc. and some SEA Islamic countries still use gays as insult to korean lol They are no diff with korean. No countries is saint and not racist lol


What kind of stupid logic is that?
And obsessed with white skin is hilarious as if Koreans are not white worshippers too or do not use slurs or have been racist to black people. I haven’t seen sea feeling superior the way Koreans(or East Asians) do. That TikTok video from SEA how Koreans viewed them, ghosted them, a Korean male was asked his ideal type and unprovoked started saying how sea girls are ugly even though no one said a thing about them? Even a Korean idol had a controversy calling them disgusting name despite living there. From k shows to insulting their most popular female idol Jennie looks like sea. Looking down on sea but going there because they need money and Korean industry is too small to just stay in Korea. It’s generally known how East Asians look down on SEA
You think sea going to stand still and not fight back?
Who tf are you fooling as if sea started it first or it’s okay to do that since everyone is racist?


Lol. Even before kpop is big in sea, sea people already called korean a plastic, dog eater, small dick, etc. Dont act like a victim. Sea people also racist to south asia people. They think they above them..the same thing korean think they are above sea countries lol. China and japan is also same..they looked down on other asia yeah..none countries is good and not a racist lol. Just accept that sea countries is racist. Even black peope is racist lol


Japan is the most important country for kpop lol. And sea is no diff. They still call korean ‘plastic’. Even when bp came to malaysia, those malaysian wish for bp death lol


So what? They also despise Japanese members I’ve seen them
What point are you trying to make?
All these countries are important
Using you look like sea to Jennie ALWAYS comes from Koreans so what stupid point are you trying to make?
Sea is not going to stand still when Koreans insult tf out of them every time unprovoked


Ooo you’re sea fans..thats why you got angry lol. Just accept that your country and korean are just same lol


So, korean cant hate sea for calling them plastic and small dick? Both are just same lol


Please name country that is not racist lol. Even SEA countries are racist af and they didnt even realise it. They always act like a victim too. So they are just same as korean


comment no 9 , as someone from sea, I agree that sea fans can be insufferable but why is the idol’s fault that their sea fans are annoying you?


Plus all kpop fans can be crazy. The only thing that maybe makes sea fans more annoying is the shippers being more extreme.

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