There are rumors that BLACKPINK Jennie didn’t renew her contract

BLACKPINK’s official website only lacks Jennie’s name… Did the contract renewal with her fail?

Some netizens think that only Jennie didn’t renew her contract. The reason is only Jennie’s name is omitted on the official website

Since the 10th, on the official website of ‘BLACKPINK Music’ there are names of Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa, but Jennie’s name is not found

Accordingly, some speculate that Jennie will promote in the US as a solo singer

1. I think it was just a mistake

2. YG always makes mistakes like this..

3. Didn’t the same thing happen with GD before?

4. For YG, this is their daily mistake

5. But entertainment companies often omit idol names, so it must be a mistake

6. Should Jennie go to HYBE?

7. YG is always like that

8. YG, what’s happening ?

9. What’s more funny is that everyone thinks it’s a mistake

10. I think Jennie will renew her contract

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