There are rumors that NewJeans came to meet V

Is it true that NewJeans came to meet V?

Danielle said they went out to eat with someone special during the live broadcast

1. Imagination? You’re so good at using your illusions, daebak

2. That’s not V, right? Looks like there’s someone they want to collaborate with

3. Why is that special person V? Is there only V in the army?

4. They may have visited V, and I don’t know the details of the visit, but what she said during the live broadcast yesterday seemed a bit like a project, but it will be revealed soon

5. I don’t know if it’s V, but she calls him oppa anyway

6. Why did you associate him with V when she said he was someone special? For real, I don’t know

7. Because the witness saw NewJeans yesterday and what Danielle said was yesterday…?

8. ? Why do you think it was V when they met someone special?

9. Someone special = V??

10. ? Why did it become V?

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