There are rumors that some SM singers have started contacting other agencies because of HYBE taking over SM

HYBE takes over SM, but what if SHINee, EXO and Red Velvet leave?

It is likely that the singers who are about to renew their contracts will move to another company. In fact, there are rumors that some SM singers have started contacting the management companies

An entertainment industry representative said, “Idols who are already famous have no reason to stay at SM in the future and it is highly likely that they will move to small and medium-sized companies that support their individual activities and have the advantage in terms of profit distribution”

1. Are you saying that the singers mentioned in the article also hate HYBE? I thought only managers and staff hated HYBE, but singers seem to hate HYBE too

2. But if they leave, they can’t use the group name or sing previous songs

3. They’re still the groups that earn a steady income through their tours, I don’t think they’ll leave SM

4. These days, for SM, Aespa and NCT are the most important, right?

5. Even if they leave, HYBE already makes more money

6. Honestly, it’s okay for those groups to leave SM, HYBE needs SM’s name, not those groups

7. Honestly, if you look at the yearly views on YouTube right now, EXO is equal or higher than NCT

8. What… All the groups mentioned above seem to be the ones that will make a lot of money

9. Honestly, why should they leave SM? It’s a blessing for artists who have dreams of entering the North American market

10. Don’t touch the artists

11. SM’s forte is album production, but how can artists leave this place?

12. I guess they won’t leave

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Is this part of the propaganda to diss HYBE’s side in this whole transaction? Are the fans supposed to feel outrage because their faves are leaving a deteriorating company so they will turn against HYBE for getting involved?
Anyway, tale as old as time, artists leave and move on to different agencies all the time. Half of SNSD left SM even way earlier in their career. These rumors sound more like a PR move to get people to side with whatever is left of the existing SM management, maybe to make themselves look like a united and loyal family and whatnot.


Lol let them leave, sm groups arent even touching hybe artists feet


Good riddance 🙂


So they want to flop even harder than before?


they’re scared because they know they can’t TOUCH jungkook’s vocals


drag your own idol. don’t drag bts members

yocoochi smells

SM forte is having company stan put down every other group like what they did to tara


I see things aren’t going well with kakao for sm1 to be putting out articles on “rumors” again.


They can leave whenever they want, the door is open, but what agency will be able to welcome them and find them lyricists and composers willing to stoop to make them songs full of noise and stupid lyrics.


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No one care about SM since they third gen Idols failed

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