There are too few male trainees compared to female trainees these days

Gender ratio of K-pop idol candidates: 9 female, 1 male

They shared that the ratio of women to men among the applicants is 9:1. “It’s getting harder to convince the male trainees to audition to become an idol when there are more routes nowadays with YouTube and social media, where you don’t have to go through the arduous training,” the manager revealed

1. Back when there were singers like Big Bang, idols were something men were jealous of, but nowadays, idols are no longer cool to men and they don’t have the life men want

2. Boy groups are harder to succeed among the masses in Korea, so no wonder they would rather not go for it

3. But if I were a handsome guy, I think I would think of other things first than becoming an idol

4. Unless you’re going to be as big as BTS, why would you want to even try to become a trainee to become an idol? It’s too arduous

5. Nowadays, idol is not a job that makes boys jealous, but on the contrary, it is a job that makes girls jealous

6. Of course, even I would try to be an actor instead

7. It’s because there are very few handsome men

8. They had to be trainees for a few years, but even after debuting, they couldn’t even freely date

9. Nowadays, finding handsome rookie male idols is like finding a needle in a haystack;

10. But male idols will earn more

11. Because handsome men are rarer than pretty women

12. If you’re a handsome guy, even if you’re not an idol, your life will be easy

13. I guess idols are no longer a job that boys jealous

14. No, men don’t care about being famous, even if they’re handsome

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