There is evidence that Jungkook didn’t throw cigarette butts on the street

This was after the second white car passed by, (people are saying that this was when he threw away his cigarette butts, but if you look closely, he still had a cigarette in his hand)

1. I also think this is true

2. There are so many people who want to curse at Jungkook somehow… Wow…

3. Oh, he actually has a cigarette in his hand?

4. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t throw away his cigarette butts

5. He was holding a cigarette

6. Stop it

7. I also think he didn’t throw away his cigarette butts

8. The cigarette was still in his hand

9. Stop criticizing Jungkook

10. There are a lot of haters taking advantage of this to curse at Jungkook, they are crazy

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