“There will be many ARMYs arrested” ADOR takes strong legal action against perpetrators targeting NewJeans

ADOR – Information on How to Report NewJeans’ Rights Infringement Actions

1. I support NewJeans!!!!!!

2. I was rooting for Min Heejin from the beginning, and they gave me such a refreshing ending ㅠㅠ Min Heejin is really good at what she does

3. I support NewJeans and ADOR

4. Aren’t Si Bang Hyuk and Park Ji Won going to be arrested?

5. As expected, ADOR is so sincere in protecting artists

6. Will Twitter be sued too?

7. I don’t understand why they criticize NewJeans;;;

8. Haters please gather at the police station

9. Please give priority to HYBE employees

10. Foreign ARMYs are also bad, please sue them

11. There will be many ARMYs arrested

12. Won’t HYBE employees be arrested?

13. NewJeans fighting!

14. I found some BTS fans on Twitter, so I’ll send them to you

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