There’s more evidence about BLACKPINK Lisa and her chaebol boyfriend

The man who left waiting after the end of Lisa’s performance was taken on picture

He was seen on the first day with his family and there were witness accounts of him on the second day too

His picture was taken at the after party

[+49, -11]

1. [+35, -0] Isn’t he her chaebol boyfriend? Seriously, seeing him chasing her everywhere she goes, it must really be real love

2. [+33, -0] Every time I see this couple, I always think that man must really like her

3. [+18, -4] Seriously, Lisa is f*cking popular. I was so shocked when I saw the pictures and videos

4. [+13, -6] Just looking at the list of celebrities who went to see Lisa feels like fashion weekㅋㅋ

5. [+6, -3] The list of celebrities who went to see Lisa is even more surprisingㅋㅋ

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