There’s something sad about BTS Jimin’s concept photos

There’s something sad about Jimin’s concept photos

Looks like the MV will be a story, but it feels a bit sad ㅠㅠ

But it’s so good

[+452, -61]

1. [+78, -8] Jimin also participated in the credits, but I’m really curious about the genre of his song. I want to listen to the song soon ㅠ

2. [+62, -9] Seriously, it’s crazy that they even came up with this concept, but his ability to digest the concept is amazing ㅠ

3. [+59, -7] His eyes are really sad ㅠㅠ

4. [+35, -30] Don’t feed the trolls) The fans said he was injured, so they bandaged him ㅠㅠ

5. [+17, -3] Looking at the right eye in this photo, it’s heartbreaking because it’s so sad

6. [+13, -2] After the concept photos were released, I was even more curious about the mood of the song and music video

7. [+11, -2] I hope Jimin’s album will be successful

8. [+11, -2] Since he focuses on ‘FACE’, his handsomeness stands out more, I’m looking forward to this MV

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Sad he’s so ugly


уродливый здесь ты, даже если у тебя по счастливой случайности есть красивое лицо, в чем я сомневаюсь, то у тебя все равно есть уродское нутро. Фу, воняет.

Color color stan

Describing yourself again on the internet? Your mom’s words not enough?


lol small dick sucker


ugly= you

Saint Seungri

jimin awesome. looking forward to his album. bts army <3


фанаты наркомана и напильника вообще должны молчать и не высовываться, незачем так завидовать успеху других

Color color stan

I know you’re looking forward to his album, just like a nice little closeted fan cause your favs don’t release an album bc it’s gonna flop as usual


looking forward to seungri’s next scandal 😚😚😚


Istg this is like the third post (same content too!) about his concept photo. We get it. He looked sad. Now move on.


The release date can’t come soon enough!! I’m genuinely so excited to see what Jiminie has prepared for us

Meanwhile check this site out if you haven’t already, BCD is a genius


BCD is a fake army. No thanks.


Be serious.


I’m not a racst but jimins face is very Neanderthal looking. No offence

Color color stan

Full offense, your face is so fucking horrible even the homo sapiens were vomitting on sight 🤮


yiu stan nct lmaooooo 😂
know your place plz ! your botched & plastic nugus wish if they can look a like him


His face is saddening bcs so ugly


stop describing yourself


The sad thing is that the antis are more aware of Jimin than their favs and that’s why they are a flop.


you mean antis=twice




jimin 💜😭


He coming for your fave’s records

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