These 4 people are known as the 4 most handsome men in Korea

Jang Dong Gun, Jung Woo Sung, Won Bin, Go Soo

1. Go Soo is the best, he’s my ideal type ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. I was really shocked when I saw Jung Woo Sung for the first time

3. I saw Jang Dong Gun and Won Bin together in Taegukgi, and Jang Dong Gun is so handsome, he’s three-dimensional

4. I’ve met Go Soo before and he’s really crazy.. Even though I watch a lot of celebrities, I still watch Go Soo with admiration

5. I met both Jang Dong Gun and Go Soo in real life, Go Soo is really handsome

6. Go Soo is really handsome

7. I almost fainted when I saw Jung Woo Sung in real life;

8. They are all handsome, but especially Go Soo is much more handsome in real life

9. Won Bin and Go Soo are so handsome

10. Jung Woo Sung, Kang Dong Won, Won Bin, Hyun Bin

11. Go Soo… He really looks like a god from Greek and Roman mythology

12. I haven’t seen Jang Dong Gun and Won Bin yet, but based on what I’ve seen, Go Soo is really a big hit, this is my first time seeing this aura from one person

13. Go Soo oppa…

14. I think Go Soo is the most handsome according to my taste

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