These are geniuses among idols

Genius among idols

Block B Zico
(G)I-DLE Soyeon
WINNER Kang Seungyoon
BTS RM, Suga
Seventeen Woozi
Pentagon Hui
BTOB Im Hyunsik
Day6 Young CZK
Stray Kids Bang Chan

[+50, -15]

1. [+48, -8] Woozi is like a vending machine when it comes to composers

2. [+41, -0] Lee Chanhyuk, he’s a singer not an idol but I think he’s a genius

3. [+23, -10] For Stray Kids, Bang Chan, Changbin, Han, the three of them are geniuses

4. [+14, -0] Kang Seungyoon is really daebakㅋㅋ REALLY REALLY, Love Me Love Me, Everyday, Millions are masterpieces that will never appear again..

5. [+9, -0] Idol composers

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