These idol’s fans need to apologise to them!!

Whenever a kpop idol is revealed to be dating, it always leaves the knetizens and kpop lovers in a frenzy. I get it, you favourite idol is dating and it can come as a shock to you, but hating on them? Forcing them to apologise to you for simple mundane things is so weird. They are humans, and humans do date. They date, get married and have childeren. That’s how life works? Why are these fans so loud and annoying? The idols who I feel the most sorry for are :-

1) Karina – Her fans sent trucks to her company, demanding an apology for breaking their trust (?). Later, Karina posted on her Instagram account, apologising for dating. This is so weird. I hope her fans reflect on what they have done. She will no longer want you guys to be a part of her lives – She would no longer want to share things with you guys. 

2) V and Jennie – Armys and Blinks have always had their differences, but I genuinely thought that since they love their idols, they would support whatever was going on between them. I was so shocked when V was getting hate from both Armys and Blinks. The same goes for Jennie – Her fans were constantly attacking V, setting her up to get dragged by the other fandom. V is always very private about his life and has already set boundaries with his fans – the same goes for jennie. I think both of them are pretty much done by their fans. I hope one day, they will be able to date other people without any worries.