“They really are the greatest legendary girl group” Netizens talk about BLACKPINK’s gala stages in France

BLACKPINK’s gala stages in France + full video

Pink Venom with cellist Gautier Capucon

Shut Down orchestral version with violinist Daniel Lozakovich

1. I got goosebumps

2. After all, the most important thing is skills, their class are different, the stage was so good, it gave me goosebumps

3. No, they are so good. They are legends

4. Jennie’s live was crazy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. They sing live well, so it’s fun to see their stage

6. Daebak.. The classical music is so good, suits them so well and the cheers are no joke, I’m proud of BLACKPINK

7. BLACKPINK is so good… The stage was so good

8. As expected, they performed live so well. They’re so cool. They really are a great group

9. Wow, the live was really good, the stage was crazy

10. Wow, the artist, the stage, the audience and the sound are all amazing

11. They really are the greatest legendary girl group

12. As expected, BLACKPINK performed well on stage

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It’s hilarious how all the she’s tired excuses go out of the window when it’s time for Jennie to perform in front white people she wants to impress. She’s such a pathetic a** licker yet her Asians stans will defend her to death. Compare this performance to Hong Kong’s concert which she got backlash for from Chinese netizens.
she will give a f**k when they perform on Coachella too.
but as long as these embarrassing stans get to be close to their Queen, they won’t care. Imagine if Lisa or bts half assed the way she did, her dogs would be on their necks.


Right and fans try hard to be blind n defend her using same excuse her injured ankle. When she always does fine when performing in front of her white friends. Its obvious she choose what events she gonna do well. Such a fake.


closeted blinks


ARMY yall 😂


RM remind BTS to remember to give effort to every performance because some fans only come that one time n they always deliver. But of course your faves cant relate lol.


Army or not. It doesn’t change what that person is telling the truth. Too bad this lazy group just keeps wasting money. You are so funny trying to defend them.


your money?


Jennie must have really ate this performance for you to be mad. She only had to perform for 6 minutes unlike a 2hr concert. Easier to give a high energy performance in a short amount of time. Also, do you expect her to give a bad performance after she got backlash or what.

HK concert are the only ones complaining over a less then 1 minutee second clips of her not smiling and energy decrease at the end of a concert over a space of a 3 day concert. Riyad and abu dhabi and thailand blinks had good reviews about her so who cares.


Excuses again 😂😂😂 she already started slacking in like 2017, and 2018-19 was the circus of the century. Panic attacks and ankle injury stopped existing when they performed for Coachella and it was not a 2 songs performance, after it was back to regular programming. Watch any fan cams where they sang 2 songs for ASIAN festivals, Jennie acted like she was giving y’all favors by even stepping on the stage and would rather be in White People Land. Was she tired then too?
It’s not just performing but her stank expressions too.
Now that they headline Coachella, watch her be the happiest she’s ever been again.
I’m telling you, if this was any group blinks disliked like bts, twice or aespa, you hypocrites would not let it slide. You can’t even dispute what I say, just write “Closeted blinks, jealous” bs. Y’all know she dgaf about y’all since you weirdos will accept a stank glance from her and would rather die than admit her laziness.


The fact that you watch her fancam more than her fans showing you are her secret fan.lol. It’s always people like you wrote long ass comment to talk about the person they’re not interested with. Your effort is amazing


Why wouldn’t I 😂😂
You do know that people could follow celebrities then be turned off by them when they show their asses? Especially when they are self hating Asians who worship the ground white people walk on? Or you just mindlessly follow them to the cliff where they tell you to jump and you do? Ofc you will, you are a blink
Jennie already don’t like and would rather be with her celebrity friends than act like a professional and do her job. But you know that and the only thing you clap back with is childish “hoes mad”




hoes mad.

Guesttttt´s mom

Go and keep crying


As expected, bp only gonna perform well n put most energy if they think the event bring them most clout lol. Especially if its western event. They are very inconsistent performers. This about be that performance ala coachella that fans only gonna brag about forever compared to their many so so, low energy performances lol. You can actually count how many performances good because average, worst one more than good one lol. So, blink, if you want bp best performances, go to their big western festivals. Dont expect them put same energy for every other performances lol.


typical army and their bp obsession


Nah because we know how hypocrite bp are as performers.


coming from Armys, BTS are literally the most white asslickers in kpop industry, they are hypocrites and two-faced especially RM who fake smiles in front of those white hosts and roll his eyes in their back lmao. Anything for the western audience and promotions


We literally have evidence of bp half assing for their Asians fans since like 2017 and were cheesing and coming alive when it was Coachella or performing for a white president. They never attended any major Korean Awards yet flew all the way to America to get the wackiest award MTV could give them(which was not even a normal award others get. THATS WHAT you would call “anything for white audience”.) so their fans would talk about the award ceremony since bts were on hiatus. Yet bts is the one who are white washed? LMAO
ofc they would go to western tv talk shows and awards. They actually have clout and demand there. What award did bp attend that didn’t involve games and bts were not on hiatus? All this energy yet no valid point from blinks.


Not a long ass paragraph again. I ain’t reading that shit. Keep wasting your time. stay obsessed with Blackpink.🖤💗


I know your illiterate ass won’t read. That’s too much for you.


You must be blind


and we know how hypocrite army as a fan. now their oppa hang out with the criminal bigbang suddenly they’re making every possible reason to give a pass


The same way black pink was photographed with criminal bang?? Do YOU know someone named JENNIE who dated a criminal named G DRAGON? She stayed at his place PLENTY OF TIMES.
He even wrote on his back pack her nickname. Are you gonna give her a pass too?
Blinks are so f*cking dumb oh my god
I’m done. I lost brain cells reading your comment


it’s the other way around


Because Korean man love young underage girls more that make grow women feel weird about them

See how successful newjeans gain attention from those uncle


army working hard in bp article


99% of blonks are frm the sea countries but bp still look down on sea countries. Remember when jennie did yt live, she’s only looking for korean comments and said she’s tired of the english comments

It's Me, Hi, I'm the Problem, It's Me

Jennie, your fans pay for your concerts, at least maintain the same energy for that 💀


Her fans are mostly not the ones complaining about her performance though.

It's Me, Hi, I'm the Problem, It's Me

The people who posted the videos of lazy fancams are literally the fans who are unsatisfied wdym 🥴


i dont see fans complaining. at least you maintain your stupidity


You are just a loser stuck in a basement ofc you will have no idea what’s happening around you


because you choose to not see

A hoe

The rejects here in comment section, i know which fandom y’all came from. Worry about those dying goats first.


Armys 🤢


Dying goats vs pussy seller. Which one is worst?

spicy spice

jennie did her best just when she want it. her fans are nothing for her cuz she give an all out only when there’s somebody to impress.

pRoFesSioNaLisM at its finest. lol.


Their SEA fans will just eat everything so they don’t care 😭


The thing is, i feel like bp gonna perform so so at SEA countries as well because they know their SEA fans the most obsessed one. Not including thailand because bp cant afford to be lazy in front of royals lol.


Jennie hates the sea fans. She felt downgraded having 99%of blonks are frm the sea countries


They are the greatest because they are performing at some show in france 😭. Whatever achievements their fans try to made up. So pathetic 😂


Another pathetic army again


blinks are more pathetic because imagine paying tons of $$$ for a concert and getting a lame performance full of mistakes and then having to defend your favs online. Damn.


well ever heard of “not your money not your problem?”


As a blink who enjoyed their concerts, I’ll spend more thousands of dollars for them whenever I want to. No BP slander from RATMYs can make me stop supporting BP.


Proving my comment that blinks are pathetic creatures who will eat up even real shit 😂




bp could give you worst performance and you’d still eat that shit up lol


y’all are OBSESSED with armys cause literally every single comment is about them 💀😭 get a life!! and go support these lazy, ass licking, good for nothing excuses of women and get bts and armys out of your mouths, abeg

based misandrist

who else is talking shit here other than armys? be serious but whatever keep dickriding a bunch of worthless small dick hannams


yall have no way of knowing which fandom these people belong to since most (if not all) are keeping their anonymity.

you lot just look obsessed and crazy as hell going around and saying every hate comment is an army, please go outside and touch some grass


Be serious not only armys hate blonks


The most pathetic title goes to you bangsat


Not people mad that Jennie performed very well. Even when jisoo and lisa was lacking vocals and was struggling with the notes in this performance the main focus is Jennie.


Jisoo messed up with her trans vocals but lisa gave 💯 and was sounding best


Blackpink are the biggest disgrace as performers. They are entitled, spoilt bimbos who only choose to give their best on shows they think would give them clout. These dozens have been lazy and inconsistent for years now despite having the least packed schedule as idols and go on 2 year hiatus but there is hardly any drive or passion or effort.

Hard to take women seriously in Korea when you have BP as representative girlgroup and only thing that gives them clout as singers is their visuals, fashion, outfits and brand deals or how many cfs they get while being lazy and unprofessional onstage and below average rappers and singers. That’s why passionate, talented female artist will never get the support or appreciation they deserve.

Meanwhile you have bts as representative boygroup who rose to fame because the members are self made artists, they write, produce, compose, have hard hitting choreographers, are one of the most passionate, hardworking, talented idols known with best stage presence, exemplary work ethic and have recorded tons of variety shows to engage with fans and keep them entertained as idols rather than taking the easy route as models and dropping insta pics every 3 days for clout. No matter how much the media screams about feminism and equality, BP popularity is the proof that girls are only good as commodity and are nothing more than their face, body and the short clothes they wear to attract fans.


Army and their endless inferiority complex, a never ending saga.. plus why are they camping on bp article tho?🤣 pathetic losers

based misandrist

typical dickriding army again as if BTS haven’t stripped on thrusted on stage for underage fangirls like the shameless gigolos they are, all they’re good at doing is attracting a sexual depraved fujo fanbase who make nsfw edits of the members sucking each other off


BP shaking their non existent assessments are the literal highlight of their concerts. worry about that and get bts’ dicks out of your mouths, twinks.

based misandrist

their dicks you boast about are 3cm t
your beloved men are still the least desirable race of men and asian women are ditch them but enjoy those leftovers

Rathinda Amor

BTS bring their 3 cm dicks and their stellar stage presences with them. Not to mention songs that they produce and wrote themselves.
Your beloved midflop use the shortest or shorts and shake their bones every two minutes to distract people from their lack of showmanship.

There are reasons why BTS the biggest group on the planet and why one of them f the lazy girl as he pleased. Keep lie to yourself, that’s the only way you feel better about stanning those sluts


their supposed 3cm dicks didn’t stop yall from gagging on them, move along😘


Not even top ten most impactful global girl group. Stop the media play I beg

spicy spice

they became this big because of media-plays so..

Kpop ruins everything good

don’t worry newjeans will end bp soon


So the ones making excuses for jennie’s ankle now look pathetic as hell lmao. It was the same back in 2018 when jennie barely gave a f*ck in group performances but was 100% in her solo stages in the same concert venue. People deservedly called her out and her lazy videos almost 10 minute long were going viral so YG blocked it and then after 2 years released a vague statement how jennie had a broken ankle so her fandom could run with that excuse for 5 years now. On top of that girly barely practises anything for the concert, consistently forgetting moves, her positioning, putting in no effort, slacking off, looking bored and lipsyncing all of her solo stages. The only time she opens her mouth her voice cracks but despite the backlash she couldn’t be assed to actually improve and respect her fans enough to give her all every stage. Called lazy nepo dozen for a reason.

She deliberately choses to give her all in some stages as if she has tiers to whom she considers deserve her efforts vs who doesn’t among fans while looking the happiest at her druggie friends parties. the most shameless and pathetic idol I have seen in my 10 years of being a kpop fan. You can go around and search through every top idols history in kpop and no idol behaves as disgustingly as jennie bc she knows her mindless fans will be there to shield her even if she does bare minimum.


Pure facts. Idols loose their relevancy after a decade just like what happened with snsd who were everywhere and massively popular but jennie’s 100 + lazy videos are cemented and saved on the Internet forever. Her current fans can shield her all they want now like previous idols scandals and controversies used to be shielded by their fans but new kpop fans will never be as forgiving because the reality is there infront of everyone’s eyes.

Girl has cemented her legacy as the laziest, shameless unprofessional idol the kpop has seen to date.


Rosé cleared! Always on top of her game!


BP treating their Asian fans like sewer rats and giving nothing at those concerts 😭 but look at them upping their game when it comes to performing for white people.

Asian fans are pathetic with no self esteem or love for themselves that’s why even when fadnie gives them stank face at the concert cuz she think of these people as lowly and not worthy of anything, they are still ready to defend her at any cost bc of their self insert agenda. Asians blinks deserve to be treated like that 🤣 like idol like fans. Dumb and pathetic


Only kpop fans think that’s a good performance lmao 99% of the french people who watched this knew nothing about Kpop and found that awful

Jennie is icky

Das right

Last edited 2 months ago by Jennie is icky

newjeans will end your fave


If you analyze the comment section and track the commentors, they are either twice/bts fan or a lisa akgae who hates jennie so much LOOOOOL

Last edited 2 months ago by xiexie

cope lol i’m neither and still think bp’s the most overrated and overhyped group of all time


Believe what you want to believe. Because so many including me are neither of them and we’d be happy if you put our crimes behind onces & armys names so my own fav and fandom would be safe

blackpink ruins everything good

goddam jisoo. People waiting for her solo are probably deaf idiots. You can’t put a filter to hide that ugly shrill.

Lisa tried to hide her blaccent, but is nothing with out it. Good luck wasting your money on that shit investors. Don’t go to America they will eat her alive. Look at awkwafina…

blackpink ruins everything good

Jennie needs to stop eating butter. She’s always out of breath. See what happened to CL, same road just richer parents.

Rose is just boring.

Last edited 2 months ago by blackpink ruins everything good

So was Jennie bullying scandal true? The victim (a korean who studied in NZ with Jennie) said she would team up with her white classmates and would make fun of the her because she couldn’t speak english.


These armys… LoL bash all you want.. Your oppa buys her gifts with your money🤑

jennie's icky

lol… use him then run off with a white man. They way she goes through these witless men, those idiot army have him back in no time.

She probably dates Korean guys to post publicly to keep her name in dad and grandpa’s will. There’s no way she would date someone with his background. Look at this kiss she probably like eww… don’t touch my face.

Jennie the resident loose hole whore in Korea gets passed around by men from every agency lmao. That’s why she doesn’t have any long term relationships. She is the type guys can use for s*x and then throw away cuz that’s the only thing a girl like her can provide


seoul cycle stans need to start minding their own actually 🫡


Some of you here are seriously deranged.


People are really obsessed with blackpink if you don’t like them just leave with shutting your mouth . When sulli committed suicide that was when people realized what they did . And that was when she got love , When it was useless . If you can not spread love in the world at least don’t spread hatred


Army always in bp’s business, just whole pack of jobless obsessed weirdos.

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