“They’ll go beyond BLACKPINK” NewJeans ‘Ditto’ hits record as most streamed K-pop girl group song in US Spotify history

NewJeans ‘Ditto’ hits record as most streamed K-pop girl group song in US Spotify history

NewJeans ‘Ditto’

26.11 million streams on US Spotify

1st place for K-pop female artist song of all time (Previous No. 1: Lisa’s MONEY)

1st place for K-pop girl group song of all time (Previous No. 1: BLACKPINK’s Ice Cream)

1. I think they will go beyond BLACKPINK

2. Their ranking is higher than BLACKPINK’s????

3. I really like this song

4. Wow, their ranking is higher than BLACKPINK’s ㅠㅠㅠ Daebak

5. NewJeans will be as popular in the US as BLACKPINK..?

6. BLACKPINK performs with 10,000 to 20,000 people per concert in the US, BLACKPINK’s popularity is overwhelming in the US, but NewJeans’ digital is better than BLACKPINK

7. NewJeans is amazing… They have exploded in Korea and abroad. They’re rookies who debuted less than a year ago but they’re legends

8. Daebak, honestly, I hope kids who focus on domestic activities will do better than kids who neglect domestic activities

9. Wow, can they have a US tour on a bigger scale than BLACKPINK’s?

10. 1st place for girl group changed

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spicy spice

go payolajeans


“payola” newjeans aren’t bp pleasee


Soon their senior bts🤜🏻🤛🏻


Hybe statement already said newjeans will replace BTS as face of company


let them have 1000 awards,110m album and bring 50b $ to s.k economy first 😂…….
oh yeah right they can’t so keep dreaming 😘


let them have 1000 awards and 110m album sales first 😂…….
oh yeah right they can’t so keep dreaming 😘


They gonna disband without surpassing bts like any other groups🤭

Lazy Banana

So ambitious when we don’t even know if they’ll be surpassed by Baemon


Without Hybe, nj would never have had such good chart success. The company is now large and extremely wealthy. When the company was small and poor, bts already had those chart success 💀


Explain lsfm txt and enhypen then


I still have hope in people and do not support child exploitation


Shit have been debunked. Pls move on and heal


only blackpink’s tone deaf fans listens to them.. that being said newjeans can’t go on a us tour yet since they only have casuals listening to them


Does spotify count streams like youtube does or do they count 50 streams from one person streaming a song 50 times in a day as 50 separate streams?

Last edited 1 month ago by ditto

newjeans are very lovely girls, too bad their fans are getting annoying just like their ceo , some of their fans saying releasing double title tracks and pre-releases is a newjeans thing like they invented them like damn those daily interviews that Min Heejin doing done brainwashing their minds , these people already forgot about min heejin’s paintings in the house and other suspicious things that she did , it’s all ‘HAIL MIN HEEJIN’ for them rn just because min heejin acted motherly to Newjeans


their fans will be the reason of their downfall just like what happend to itzy & aespa before them. 😂


Alot of their fans are bandwagon stans. The group themselves rely alot on company for their music n concept. They dont have unique vocal, lack of stage presence, not really strong dancers either. Their stages always pretty average n boring. Rely alot on visuals. I wont be surprise knetizens n bandwagon stans left them that easy once they have non no1 song. They set very high expectation for next cb. 4th gen stans easily call group as flop if they no longer get no1.


While no one watch them on YouTube tiktok or Instagram 🤣 baemon followers will surpass them when they debut

Last edited 1 month ago by Nobody

True. The way they keep on said NJ will surpass BP. its like an obsession to them tp see BP downfall. Lets see when babymonster coming. then its a fair fight between 4th gen. not 3rd gen with 4th gen tho.


blinks were using them to shit on bts now when they surpassed bp they got triggered & started attacking them lmaoool 😂


NewJeans outsold and outcharted both

Lazy Banana

Outsold where? Gimme the numbers since you’re so brave


They already outsold DYNA’s PAK records


Rookies nwjns outdid rookie bts. Lets not lie


hybe new pillar of course


Newjeans aren’t even a year old yet they are breaking all kinds of records. With BP they always had to attach first female group to get any kind of achievement cuz they could never beat bts numbers yet NJs are getting insane success in both gendered groups.

They just surpassed the total number of PAKs any idol or group could get. No need for “first female group” agenda and media play. New jeans are the new clout with mega successful songs


..mega successful songs?
..i heard and read their name but don’t even know or hear any of those songs


Newjeans fans bragging about ending their senior Bts on Melon with PAK when they only 6 months old , Blackpink on global streams for gg and soon even bts on Spotify US. But when their senior fans respons to them, suddenly they cry and call 6- 10 years old senior are jealous n bully of 6 months old group unprovoke? .😬
Newjeans currenly get love in SoKor is undenialable, but their US streams increase day by day, even through these two songs are not viral hit in the US are fishy, don’t you think? Their streams are like TS & Nicki increase bc of their fans + get US gp support, but I known damn well they are not yet widespread to the US gp to get the support like those Western artists. Not to mention every week their digital sales are unchange, always at 0.5k -0,6k😏
Not to mention a viral song, #1 BB100 but the song streams decrease after 1 month, but these none viral songs are opposite?

spicy spice

i can understand if they are bragging abt their korean chart cuz they are a trend rn but their bb and spotify chart always seems sus for me. feel like they paid a lot for that tons of playlisting thou.

John. Xina

And with less paid playlisting. Blackpink had more than 100m plr above Ditto and OMG and they also had TTH and paid radio deals for stuff like Ice Cream and still got beat.

Even with free streaming week promotion for thier last album and the connections from Rose to the CEO Ditto was easily able to overtake and will go way way higher. It’s not close to falling out and OMG is going to take over Ice Cream and the meme song Money.


And they did that without Jeremy’s help.


Newjeans definitely make better music than Crackpink. With the same mediaplay that Midpink used I’m sure they will completely pass them by the end of the year.


Look at the blinks here so upset 😭😭😭

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