“They’re not singers, they’re just celebrities” When will BLACKPINK make a comeback?

19-month hiatus is like ‘military service’… When will BLACKPINK make a comeback?

1. They’re not singers, they’re just celebrities

2. When will Jisoo make her solo debut?ㅠㅠ

3. They always have good performances and songs, so I keep waiting for their comeback. BLACKPINK is the best ㅠㅠ

4. I want to see BLACKPINK’s performances

5. I wonder how many songs there will be when the album comes out… I hope it’s full album… I’ve been waiting for so long…

6. They don’t look like an idol group, they’re just celebrities…….

7. 19 months??? Really bad

8. It’s been a few years since they debuted, but they only have 20 songs…

9. Since BLACKPINK is almost 100% dependent on Teddy, they will only release their album when Teddy finishes the songs

10. I’m surprised they have less than 30 songs in their 7th year and I’m confused because I don’t know what their main job is

11. BLACKPINK is always cool, but when they’re on stage, they’re the coolest

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